Written by: Dr. Xavier Puncernau
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Currently, the technique of Neodymium-Yag laser for nonsurgical treatment of varicose and spider veins is used. Discover what are the advantages of this procedure.

The laser is an amplified light that is sent from a power source and focuses on a very specific point thanks to its ability to travel without diversify and then concentrate on a very narrow spectral range. Applications have evolved over the years to improve such that, today, there are lasers that are used for vascular, skin, eye diseases, etc.

Nonsurgical varices, ie the small caliber and spider veins are the most responsive to laser treatment, provided that the case of a neodymium: YAG laser. The Nd: YAG is the specific surface to varicosities, since its exclusive uptake by hemoglobin can treat only veins, respecting all other surrounding tissue.


Advantages of treating varicose and spider veins with ND-Yag laser

The main advantages of treating varicose veins ND-Yag laser are:

- This is the only way of treating shaped capillaries branching spills both aesthetically deform as it acts directly on the surface from them.

- It is the modern aesthetic, fast, convenient, painless, safe and effective sclerotherapy which was formerly used to treat unsightly veins alternative.

- Allows treat many capillaries spills in a few sessions, since they are externally (transcutaneous) and not by direct injections into the veins.

- Because there is absolutely aesthetic or hyperpigmented scars.

- In most cases, the patient can see the disappearance of the capillary during treatment.

- Can be used in hot months because simply apply a sunscreen on the treated area, if you go to the beach.


Procedure of treatment of varicose and spider veins with ND-Yag laser

The technique is to stick with a pen-shaped applicator all capillaries and progress the light beam above the vein as this is disappearing. Thus, one after another, are erased regardless of the superficial veins and their location number.

Overall, about three sessions usually sufficient for standard treatment. However, the treatments are absolutely individualized, depending on the size, number and age of the veins to try some sessions may be needed more to achieve the most perfect finish.



*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Xavier Puncernau

By Dr. Xavier Puncernau
Vascular Surgery

He is the cofounder of the company Angio Vascular Projects, dedicated to the study, research and treatment of vascular disease. He is also co-founder of the technique of laser surgery for varicose veins ELAV. He has a long career and more than 40 scientific publications in specialized journals.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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