CO2 laser, the revolutionary treatment for female urinary incontinence

Written by: Dr. Ion Madina Albisua
Edited by: Top Doctors®


What is the treatment of mild to moderate incontinence CO2 laser?

Before talking about this new technique, we talk about the female anatomy, which have the introitus with a bladder urethra, vagina and uterus with, and rectum. This would be the muscles, lift the pelvic floor, and the pelvic floor, which is good and makes continencias strengthened, along with the angle of the urethra and bladder, are correctly. The new technique involves applying an energy level to intravaginal heat, which makes it by inserting CO2 laser energy. Thus, the heat generated reorganization and production of these collagen fibers, that what motivates a tensioning of the front wall, which, by tightening, we return to rearrange the angles between the urethra and bladder. Thus, improving continence or disappears.


What kind of patients the CO2 laser is recommended?

The Gynelase is dedicated and is aimed at women with urine loss, mainly effort. What is stress? Incontinent those that are generated when a run, when you cough, when you exert. Not suitable for incontinent those which are caused by a condition called overactive bladder.


Are the results of CO2 laser are final? What are the advantages?

We are talking about a procedure consisting of two treatment sessions, each session lasting approximately 25 minutes and the interval between the first and the second session is four weeks. After this treatment need three months for the reorganization and the new generation of collagen fibers is made and terminated demos that regeneration. Three months Gynelase view, we are currently in the order of 70% of women and make them disappear improve their urinary loss.


How should the patient perform recovery after CO2 laser treatment?

The truth is that recovery after treatment with Gynelase is very simple. This treatment is done on an outpatient basis, ie, patients come to the consultation, are 25 or 30 minutes and go home to your regular routine. No need to dispense or restricting any kind of habit that usually had and both diet and sports, such as walking can do from the first minute as they wish.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Ion Madina Albisua

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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