CO2 laser, a new gynecological treatment

Written by: Dra. Adriana Ribé
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The CO2 laser is widely used in specialty lasers in medicine to treat intimate areas of women. It has medical and aesthetic purposes and its main objective in both cases is to improve the quality of functional and sexual life of our patients and their aesthetics.

gynecological laser Gynecological laser has received a strong demand in recent years by women between 30 and 70 years. From age 30, the female genitalia begin to suffer some natural physical changes. Laser treatment is a step forward and an improvement over traditional techniques for the treatment of muscle relaxation and problems associated with it.

The laser treatment is performed without anesthesia or without postoperative house. Two spaced one month sessions lasting approximately 20 minutes are done.

It is a fractionated CO2 laser produces a contraction of the vaginal mucosa and / or immediate urethra. With biostimulation effect on the mucosa and subepithelial chorion generates new collagen with a wall and a contracted more layers of mucous cells and more glycogen inside, ie, healthier and renewed mucosa.

Before undergoing the laser treatment, a visit with gynecological physical examination and pap smear it is recommended.


Laser applications in gynecology

CO2 laser treatment can address the following areas:

  • Vulva the labia are treated
  • In the vagina the vaginal mucosa and its walls are covered
  • The urethra

The CO2 laser is applied in different gynecological pathologies such as:

  • Menopausal vaginal atrophy
  • Longer and more extensive than normal labia minora
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginal or vaginal relaxation hypermobility syndrome
  • Laxity of the walls of the vagina over the years
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vulvar melanosis
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By Dra. Adriana Ribé
Aesthetic Medicine

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Barcelona, ​​Dr. Adriana Ribé is formed in Anatomy Pathology at the Clinic Hospital and Dermatopathology in the New York Presbyterian Hospital. He has extensive experience in cosmetic dermatology and is an expert in laser techniques for stains, hair removal, tattoo removal, scar correction, facial rejuvenation and body contouring. She is Director of Ribé Clinic, medical center accredited by the Generalitat that has the latest laser technology and injectable materials. Dra. Adriana is Ribé opinion leader laser prestigious international companies.

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