New technologies have changed the approach to breast augmentation

Written by: Dr. Enrique Etxeberria Olañeta
Edited by: Top Doctors®

¿What kind of implants should be selected


My personal opinion is rotunda. In these times, generalizing the ideal implant is an anatomical implants, cohesive gel, of unlimited duration, ie not require replacement in 10 years. In this sense, Allergan prosthesis or prosthetic chin, are the most appropriate.


¿As performs the placement of breast implants


There are two aspects. On the one hand would be the approach, the incision– there are four incisiones-, the most used;periareolar or inframammary, ie, below the chest, then are axillary and umbilical well as alternative. Moreover, this approach to depth place. I think the current trend is to place more advanced the deepest possible provided there is not a contraindication.


¿You need to rest after the intervention


This is precisely the spearhead to educate our patients. The result is so apparent, so fast, and pain, practically absent, the patient takes it as you have not operated. It is essential to follow a regimen of rest during the first month, especially if you have used a anatomic prostheses. Thinking that the outcome will be for life, although there is a change in size, it is an investment that can not be ignored.


¿, monitoring or maintenance should be performed with the passage of time


Personally, I prefer detect a problem when it occurs because the solution is much easier to let time by not track and encounter a problem with a traumatic or more complicated solution. What's more, since we monitor would say to exaggerated sometimes we have avoided complications and reoperations in 90% of cases.


¿What is the innovation that has most revolutionized breast augmentation surgery


In the 10 last years, what has changed drastically breast augmentation approach new technologies have been. In the field of breast augmentation allows us fluidity of conversation and approach with the patient before we did not have;ie show in advance from a traditional point of view and from a point of view more digital, more computerized, various simulations that we recommend or how quedaria options it brings to mind. This enables an exchange of concepts in the end, oddly enough, an hour or two hours lost, but reaches a patient-physician communion almost 100% of cases ending in a great result that we've resulted in a decrease of interventions scandalous discontent. 30 % by 2005 we spent almost 0.5 % today.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Enrique Etxeberria Olañeta

By Dr. Enrique Etxeberria Olañeta
Plastic surgery

Dr. Etxebarria is an expert plastic surgeon. It has been trained in the best national and international hospitals such as Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford University Hospital, Palo Alto (California, USA). From late 2008 to present he has spent his entire medical and healthcare activities in Bilbao, within the scope of private medicine.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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