The many common bone diseases

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Osteopathy covers a wide range of injuries, pains or dysfunctions. The most common is back pain. "But there are many other reasons for consultation in our daily clinic", detail the specialists of the Clinic d'Osteopatia de Barcelona , "such as sports injuries (sprains, injuries, tendonitis, overloads ...), postural alterations , inflammatory pains and / or degenerative, gastrointestinal dysfunctions (reflux, acidity, constipation, irritable bowel ...), somato-emotional alterations (stress, bruxism, anxiety), dysmenorrhoea, the prediction of complicated deliveries or other difficulties of the infant (swallowing, colic) ) ".

Any person in our society can be subject to factors that influence their good joint, bone, muscle, neurological, fascial or visceral function. "The goal is to maintain the best possible mobility of all those joints that are related to the structure affected in the patient to prevent any obstacle to good innervation, blood supply and oxygen, and good vascular and lymphatic drainage of any structure of the body" , explain in the Clinic.

bone diseases
Bone diseases are very common, and lifestyle habits can influence 

We can think of an active person who practices sports and suffers injuries characteristic of this practice, or a sedentary person who works all day in the office sitting in front of a computer and who usually adopts bad postures, or subjected to habitual situations of anxiety or stress. It is easy to develop dysfunctions such as headaches , cervical muscle hypertension with episodes of dizziness and / or tinnitus, digestive and / or intestinal alterations.. Another common reason for consultation is women in the process of pregnancy who, starting in the second quarter, undergo structural changes as their status advances.

Currently, advance the experts of the Clinic, "is working intensively on scientific research that reinforce the qualities of osteopathic treatment in different areas of the body."

Source: Clínica de Osteopatía de Barcelona
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