Sports injuries be treated in time

Written by: Dr. David López Capapé
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The trauma is a specialization of sports medicine and traumatology. It is responsible for making a quick and accurate diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries that occur during the practice of different sports, both professional and amateur.

sports injuries surgery

Some sports injuries require surgery as the best option

Most common sports injuries

Sports injuries depend on the sport that takes place. In all sports where you jump and run, the most common injuries are muscle and tendon due to overload. Although there are bone injuries such as stress fractures.

In sports where there is also twists and contact with other athletes such as football, basketball and handball, the most common injuries are ankle ligament and knee. In many cases surgery is required to treat these cases, especially the anterior cruciate ligament rupture of the knee.

When there are gestures launch and use of upper limb injuries appear shoulder and elbow.

Treating sports injuries

The treatment for such diseases should be a global, fast, functional and with great involvement in the monitoring and communication with other professionals, such as physiotherapists treatment.

If a sports injury is not at the right time can cause numerous consequences. On the one hand, it involves the frustration of the patient, leading to a psychological suffering for the interruption of the sport that is so important to him, whether professional or amateur.

When not in consultation with a specialist, the diagnosis and appropriate treatment can be delayed much in time and sometimes even complicate evolution.

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By Dr. David López Capapé
Orthopaedic Surgery

Medical specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Traumatology, which has been focused since the beginning of his professional career, given his great relationship with sports, especially athletics. The experience as a first athlete and coach now, allows a better approach to the injuries suffered by the professional or amateur athlete. The application of all advances in sports medicine to the entire population is very useful. He is a medical doctor in Achilles tendon injuries, muscle injuries, articular cartilage injuries, viscosupplementation with hyaluronic acid, injuries of the lower limb especially knee, ankle and foot. Medical Director and Consultation Advanced Traumatology at BIClinic

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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