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Written by: Dr. Alberto Canábez Berthet
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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Jaw pain is a clear sign of dysfunction of the masticatory system. In many cases it may be accompanied by such noise level click the temporomandibular joints, but joint noise is not a constant sign in pain syndrome and temporomandibular dysfunction.

In some cases this pain is combined with headache or sore neck and back, justifying the name of craniomandibular pain and dysfunction syndrome. One of the most likely causes of this condition, the branch of dentistry is the masticatory dysfunction. Both for differential diagnosis with other diseases that produce similar symptoms, and treatment of masticatory dysfunction is extremely useful to use an occlusal splint. It is a removable device made of acrylic applied on one of the dental arch material allows the jaw to achieve a stable occlusion without forcing at all the position of maximum dental meshing.

The dental splint should be made ​​with high accuracy for each patient, and after treatment of mandibular repositioning initiated, should be adjusted periodically to accuracy appropriate to the sensitivity of the system. The teeth are sensitive to thickness around 8 microns, so it is with this precision to be adjusted. The effect of the splint is balancing masticatory forces, enabling people with dysfunctional pathology of the masticatory system can eliminate occlusal cause of your problem.

Citation frequency adjustment ferrule is approximately every seven days early in the process, then it passes every two weeks, and then every four weeks. According to the pathology of each patient it is recommended to support this therapy to treat a physical therapist who specializes in temporomandibular pathology, and the approximate duration of this type of treatment is usually less than six months.

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By Dr. Alberto Canábez Berthet

Prestigious international dentist and expert training in philosophy Roth Orthodontics, with 25 years experience, currently holds the Dental Clinic of Barcelona DEN. Participated in the First Videoforum Multidisciplinary dentofacial anomalies of Hospital Clinico San Carlos in Madrid ( year 2010), and a member of the respected Roth Williams Society.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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