The five key questions on facial fillers

Written by: Dr. Daniel Arenas
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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¿What are facial fillers


Facial Fillers are designed to be injected into the face, with different compositions and viscosities, which aim to correct wrinkles, furrows or lost volume substances.

¿That can improve or correct


In general they are directed to the correction of the effects produced by the passage of time in facial appearance. Specifically with them they can be soften wrinkles and facial furrows fill depressions and produce a tensor and chassis, the cutaneous plane effect.

¿What types of fillings there


There are two main groups of materials, resorbable dermal fillers, which disappear with time and permanent facial fillers that are not eliminated by the body. Within resorbable materials, which are used more frequently, the most common are the hyaluronic acid and the calcium hydroxyapatite. Depending on the problem it seeks to solve and the location within the same face there is an ideal product that goes a function of the viscosity and elasticity of the same plane and I advised injection.

¿, The last and how often they should be repeated treatment


The duration varies in relation to physico - chemical properties of the implant. Resorbable materials, which are the most used in Spain range from 6 and 18 months. There is also a personal variability that depends on the characteristics of the patient and their habits of life.

¿Anyone can do this treatment


Few contraindications exist for this type of treatment, but you should always make a detailed medical history, pre procediemiento to rule out any condition advises against the use of these materials.

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Dr. Daniel Arenas

By Dr. Daniel Arenas
Plastic surgery

After his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Dr. Arenas specialized in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. In this area, I am expert in facial rejuvenation with fillers and botulinum toxin. Acutalmente develops their daily work at the International Dermatological Clinic in Madrid.

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