Childhood allergies, food and the role of mothers

Written by: Dr. Alfonso Malet i Casajuana
Published: | Updated: 15/09/2022
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The most common allergies in babies 0 to 1 year are food, this is because the barrier of the gastrointestinal mucosa is immature during the first months and can be assaulted by foods with high protein content. Secondly, it must be borne in mind that the hygienic conditions of the habitats and the prophylaxis with the administration of infant vaccines reduce the infectious pathologies of children. It is also advisable to prolong exclusive breastfeeding and delay the introduction of more allergenic foods.


Even with all the incidence of food allergy is increasing in recent years and today could be considered to be between 5-10% of the population. Egg, milk and fish are among the foods that produce the most allergy and it has been shown that intrauterine sensitization of food can occur during pregnancy. In breastfeeding, the direct relationship of the food that the mother consumes with the allergies that may occur is a controversial issue. At the theoretical level, the excessive consumption of milk proteins during lactation could be an additional factor to increase sensitization in the infant and it would be justified to avoid the consumption of dairy products in the mothers of children with hypersensitivity to cow's milk proteins.

Later allergies

Regarding later allergies such as pollen, mites or latex, and the link of the appearance of them by an early exposure of children to these allergens, it should be noted that common allergens are better known every day (those that are able to awaken an allergic reaction) between foods such as fruit-latex syndrome and between foods and inhalants such as shellfish and house dust mites, vegetables, pollens, etc ... In any case, in children with a family history of allergy is recommended Exclusive breastfeeding and the delay in the initiation of hypoallergenic foods.

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By Dr. Alfonso Malet i Casajuana
Allergy & Immunology

Dr. Malet is a renowned specialist in Pediatric Allergy and extensive experience. He has worked in diverse and renowned children's hospitals, becoming head of the Children's Hospital of Barcelona and Head of the Allergy Unit of drug Corachán 2 and Sagrada Familia in Barcelona clinics. Currently he is the Medical Director of the Center of Allergology Allergo Centre of Barcelona. It is m ember of the National Commission of Allergology and full member of various medical societies.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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