Egg vitrification as a method of fertility preservation

Written by: Dra. Esther Marbán Bermejo
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Vitrification of eggs or oocytes is a technique to preserve fertility effectively and guarantees to those women who for social or health reasons want or need to delay it .


What is the vitrification of eggs?

Egg vitrification is to stimulate the ovary to get a good number of eggs to be frozen in the laboratory and maintain its characteristics point in time.

Ovarian stimulation requires a medication that is administered subcutaneously home and for 8-10 days. During this time ultrasounds are performed to assess the response of the ovary and adjust medication to it. After stimulation with sedation puncture is made through the vagina through which the eggs to be vitrified are obtained.

Depending on the ovarian reserve, on certain occasions it may be necessary to make more than one cycle to obtain an adequate number of oocytes. This occurs more often in older women, so it is advisable to perform the treatment as soon as possible.

With current techniques, l rate of survival after devitrification stands at around 95%. Behind her, we proceed to the fertilization of eggs with sperm from the partner or donor to obtain embryos that can be transferred to the uterus and lead to a pregnancy.


Who can undergo treatment vitrification eggs?

Any woman can undergo treatment egg vitrification, although the most frequent cases are:

  • I desire to delay motherhood for work.
  • I wish to delay motherhood absence of a partner.
  • Need to delay motherhood by undergoing cancer treatments or who have demonstrated toxicity to the ovary.

Increasingly patients indicating surgeries on the ovary that can decrease the reserve thereof and may also benefit from the vitrification of oocytes.

When a woman decides to use their vitrified eggs to fertilize them should make treatment preparation of your uterus to transfer the embryos generated either in natural cycle (without medication, whenever possible according to the menstrual cycle and ovarian function) or with treatment hormonal.


Ovarian vitrification in Spain

Vitrification of oocytes is a technique increasingly demanded in Spain, so it is better known among the other health professionals, they begin to worry about preserving fertility of women as a part to be account within disease. Still, ignorance still exists and is work of all who are dedicated to the Assisted Reproduction , inform all our patients the possibility for the future as a simple, secure and future - proof technology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Esther Marbán Bermejo
Fertility Specialty

Prestigious specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. l. Marban Bermejo has over 5 years experience as an expert in this area. Graduated in 2005 in Medicine from the University of Alcala of Madrid. The development of their daily work focuses primarily in the field of Human Reproduction and Fertility. Currently, and since 2010, he is a specialist in Madrid Tambre clinic.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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