The integral vision of health III

Written by: Emma Barthe
Edited by: Top Doctors®

We can positively influence our health as well as enhance the chances of recovery from the disease .

Until relatively recently the insurmountability of our defensive system seemed indisputable. Valued as autonomous and independent, he was believed unable to receive any kind of influence or control in its operation by the central nervous system. Certain emotional states can positively or negatively affect the responses of our immune system.

There is still a need for more research that demonstrates the direct relationship between negative emotions and cancer , but there is no doubt about the relationship between these same negative emotions (such as those derived from stress or depression) and immunosuppression.



Immunity presents a problem not only biological and

physicochemical but also psychological. In general, we do not have

sufficiently take into account the role played by

neither the nervous system nor the psychic action on

the life of the organism. And, despite this, it is incontestable

that the weakening of psychic forces is not only

consequence but also the cause of various conditions.

It is regrettable that, in this aspect, the study of the organism

is so behind. The role of the forces

psychics and their influence on the life of the body are very

large, incomparably larger than it is

think. All the organs: the heart, the lungs, the

intestines, glands of internal secretion, meet

closely linked to the nervous system. This is the

reason that the psychic state of the patient, in all

diseases, have such importance. Knowing everything

this, we must understand that in the fight against diseases,

It is as necessary to act on the psyche as

prescribe medications


We must consider that the establishment of the disease as well as the course it takes depends on two factors: on the one hand, the aggressiveness of the pathogenic agent , and on the other hand on the degree of vulnerability of the attacked organism ; the latter depending on his physical as well as his psychic state. All diseases are caused by the interaction between multiple factors, which depend both on the aggressor, such as a bacterium, a virus or a carcinogen, and on the characteristics of the aggressed organism, its genetics, whether physical, biological or psychological. emotional, or behavioral

A more integrative medicine is needed that values ​​all the possible fields of action to restore health and reach a cure. Consolidated research has shown that the way one thinks or feels about their illness will undoubtedly influence the chemistry of the body and how the disease can evolve.

Nobody doubts that the state of your organism influences your feeling of the moment, in your psychic well-being. Muscle tension, posture, breathing, metabolism. Each and every one of the basic functions of the organism will have an influence on your mood. In the same way, everything that favors your physical health will also benefit your emotional and mental state. Thus, for example, it is known that our digestive system affects the levels of serotonin, the hormone that regulates our mood .

The interconnection between our mental processes and the functionality of our body is a proven fact. Emotional disorders, such as anxiety or anguish, derived from fear, are capable of causing considerable physiological pathologies (ulcers, psoriasis, infertility, insomnia, immunosuppression ...) , as well as certain diseases, especially those of degenerative type, can induce pathological conditions severe emotional nature.

In the recovery of health is so important to offer a treatment aimed at healing the body as trying to maintain a psychic balance devoid of emotional disturbances that, arising from the disease and as a result of the patient's fears, could hinder the healing process.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Emma Barthe

Specialist psychologist in health and well-being. She is a pioneer in Spain in the use of bioinformation applied to physical, mental, emotional and affective wellbeing. Director and coordinator for several years (Los Angeles, St. Vincent Medical Center and The Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine. Of specific programs in the field of the psychology of the health from the integrative vision (Teknon Medical Center, Hospital Mutua de Terrassa) .It is recognized its prestige in the field of the evaluation of the personality and the behavioral modification. And Director of the Center for Integral Psychology and professor of the subject of personal leadership in the program BCM Brand Community Management Postgraduate / Master Course of BES La Salle. She imparts seminars on a continuous basis aimed at health and wellbeing as well as self-knowledge and In addition, for the past 23 years, psycho-oncology has dealt with the relationship between Health status, disease and the promotion of healthy habits. Author of several books. More information on its website

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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