Psicooncológica therapy: help live, not to survive

Written by: Rosa Guillén Ferrer
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The intervention from the Psicooncología aims to provide preventive and therapeutic tools in individual, family and group assistance through various types methodologies by which to make the necessary process of mourning to cancer.

Within the course of the cancer disease, the patient is going through a normal process of grieving, which is healthy and necessary as an adaptation to a series of losses (health, identity, self-esteem, stability and security, the usual role in the family, at work, in sexual life, hope, beliefs ...) regardless of the type of cancer that suffers.

The psychology , in this case, seeks to provide specialized support to patients and their families at all stages of the disease with the aim of enhancing coping strategies enabling adaptation to the disease, as well as coordination with other professionals to ensure comprehensive care. In this type of intervention has been shown that in addition to individualized therapy, self-help groups are great promoters these processes.


What is the therapeutic work?

The methodologies to be used are of various types: psychotherapy, relaxation techniques, art therapy ... is to help the person in treatment to express what you are feeling, since even painful, the grieving process must try to live it, feel it, share it, express it to generate a sense of hope. It is doing nothing more than trying especially the sick or diseased as a person above all, that is, it is often simply "accompany".

As recommendations to family and companions seeks work aspects as the importance of self-care staff to care for others.


Addressing the detachment of a loved one

Largely therapeutic work focuses on an effort aimed at the development of detachment accompaniment, since it is not so easy to let a loved one to leave and to give permission to make it so, and even giving yourself permission to leave.

It is necessary to avoid self-destruction or process of "dying alive" and guide the process of loss to personal and family serenity as a process of personal growth and opportunity to integrate self life shared with others.

These production processes have a certain resolution time since depend on many factors (the type of connection or relationship between people, the situation, external factors ...). This is to create spaces of trust in to help live, not to survive.

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*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Rosa Guillén Ferrer

Prestigious specialist in psychology, Rosa Guillen Ferrer is certified as General Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist (Europsy). Psicooncología expert, forensic psychology, grief and trauma specialist, among other treatments. Degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona in 1999, has studied various courses related to their specialty. It is also a founding partner of the Association Creativity AQUARELLA Therapeutics which has developed its activity among others in the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital of Barcelona. Teacher trainer of professionals and students of geriatric field in the public and private sectors in different areas of management. He has held management positions as head of Human Resources and coordinated social and health projects in the field of NGOs. Collaborator in disseminating content in the field of psychology in different print media, radio and TV. Online therapy (Skype) also available. The brilliant career of this psychologist makes it a first class professional.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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