Mucogingival therapy in the multidisciplinary treatment

Written by: Dr. Miguel Ángel Perea García
Edited by: Top Doctors®

In the aesthetics of the smile is important proper alignment of the teeth, they have good shape and color, and the gums are healthy, with a healthy color and with the correct form.


Mucogingival therapy to treat gum

mucogingival The gums are treated with surgical treatments to change the shape and position of the gum margin. It can be done either by enlarging (through crown lengthening), if the teeth are very small, or covering it (through surgeries coating recessions in teeth or implants) as the root of the teeth is exposed.


therapeutic options

Before choosing a surgical procedure, specialists in Periodontology conducted a thorough analysis of the case in order to determine the purpose of the surgery: if you have to gain or improve tissue if you have to increase the volume around the teeth or implants, etc. .

There are different techniques that can be achieved by coating recessions or gain a better fabric:

  • Free grafts, with the recession is coated keratinized gingiva is won or the bottom of the lobby is increased. With these grafts is a recipient area and donor area.
  • Pedunculated techniques with which displace the gingiva from place to place, and the recipient and donor area practically coincide. This technique is applied in the coating recessions.

The truth is that there are multiple alternatives and techniques, so the ideal is fastidiously to the periodontology to assess each case in order to integrate it within the multidisciplinary treatment (orthodontics, prosthetics, aesthetics, etc.).


For more information visit the website of the International Dental Clinic & Escudero Perea .

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By Dr. Miguel Ángel Perea García

Dr. Miguel Angel Garcia Perea is a dental specialist in periodontics, endodontics and implants in periodontal patients. Exercising their profession in the International Dental Center Auditorium of Madrid, and in various dental clinics in Madrid and Ciudad Real. His career has allowed him to exercise even a resident of the NGO Dentists without Borders during the years 2009-2011. He is currently Honorary Chairman. He also serves as a professor in the Master of Periodontics and Implants of the Complutense University of Madrid and Master of Periodontics and Implants of the European University. To his credit there are numerous scientific publications and many lectures at national and international level. In addition, he is an active member of various associations concerned with oral health. It is, for all that, a doctor of first level.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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