Couples therapy

Written by: Gloria Giménez
Published: | Updated: 15/10/2018
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One of the treatments that have more demand in our practice is the couples therapy, we would say that even in the last 10 years is the most requested treatments, along with individual therapies related breakthroughs couples or difficulties in attainment of couples and guidelines for parents.

We believe that the constantly moving social changes cause instability in emotions. Eric Fromm knew define magnificently and&ldquo, The Fear of Freedom&rdquo ;, in 1940, and applicable to today's society: advocacy of a spontaneous world where freedom provides independence and rationality to men and women, but also isolates. Emotional Communication, by trial and error, take paths in their emotional, mental maps, which sometimes leads them to one point, though in various ways, that the repetition return more abrupt and steep.

Sometimes not ask for help because they do not know exactly is wrong with our relationship When we decided to make an appointment for our therapy, it is interesting to agree with your partner on.

- What are the points we want to expose the therapist and hierarchically prioritize what is generating major crisis in the relationship


- The couple has to accept each other's problems to address in psychotherapy


- The first working sessions are held on specific topics, so that this would encourage the couple to follow as it changes vera and improve self-esteem among both



By the therapist is important the definition of problems without ambiguity Wü;ages and define and clarify the problem or given crisis are the problem, not the person. Improve dialogue between partners, even when this does not exist create it is the therapeutic priority. Sometimes, if the communication blockade is deeply entrenched, we recommend a single previous sessions for each of the partners. By this pretreatment relationships and communication in joint therapy significantly improve and emotional dialogue becomes much more fluid.

Our methodology is emotional dialogue from one's partner, to use the same language, avoiding discrepancies and“misunderstandings and suspicions” that often occur in couples therapy. The professional and mature clinical experience is an added therapy in these types of factor, where the professional background is an added master.

Discussions and disagreements in relation to the children often invade the relationship itself and in most cases, are usually some of the main reasons, which over time have distorted relational databases partner, but if the emotional bond there, be sure therapy a success.

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 Gloria Giménez

By Gloria Giménez

Psychologist with over 20 years experience in which he has treated more than 5,000 cases. It has a strong reputation as psychology clinic and is one of the best specialists in cases of depression, obsessive disorders, anxiety disorders and personality disorders and behavior.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection