The solution to sagging breasts in one intervention: mastopexy

Written by: Dra. Esther Lliró Blasco
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The appearance of the female breast is one of the aesthetic issues that most worries women. The size, shape and elevation of the breast are details that cosmetic surgery can solve to obtain, in each case, the desired body. Therefore, one of the most demanded interventions is mastopexy, or breast lift. In these cases we are not necessarily talking about an increase, but a repositioning of the breasts to give them back the youthful and natural aspect.

A pregnancy, lactation, weight variations or the simple passage of time are some of the factors that can cause the chest to fall, what we know as fallen chest. But mastopexy can achieve natural and very satisfactory results with or without volume increase. Depending on each case, the specialist will recommend one type or another of intervention, which can vary from simple elevation to decrease in the size of the breast areola.

The specialists themselves recognize problems not only aesthetic, derived from a detached chest and without form. Besides that for many women it supposes a problem of self-esteem, a very big and fallen chest can cause problems of back and appearance of rashes due to the rubbing or to the sweat, pain of neck or even respiratory problems. In these cases, mastopexy can also reduce breast size. This technique is intended to improve the quality of life of the patient.

How is a mastopexy intervention?

In general, for an intervention of this type, incisions are necessary around the areola and in vertical. In some cases, it is enough around the areola or, even, to add some more cut under the breast. After between one and four hours of intervention, a woman can go from having a fallen, detached and unflattering chest to recovering a youthful, firm and smooth skin.

Of course, will have to spend between eight and ten days until the patient can make normal life. That is when the points are removed. The usual is a hospital stay of one or two days, and then rest of arms and torso movement. All this combined with the use of bandage or a special bra for at least a month.

The discomforts in this type of interventions are scarce, since they are usually performed under general anesthesia. Only in special cases can they be performed by local anesthesia and sedation. Bruising and swelling of the chest may occur, which disappears spontaneously between ten and fifteen days later.

The truth is that the mastopexy leaves scars more or less extensive, depending on the technique used, but, after the application of a special laser, specific patches and the passage of time, improve considerably, becoming practically imperceptible in a few months.. The patients receive a permanent control after the intervention, in order to review the postoperative evolution and prevent possible complications in the healing. The specialist is concerned to apply all possible treatments to avoid the development of scars of different natures.

Mastopexy, with or without an increase

The intervention of the mastopexy is not specifically indicated to increase bra size. Its main function is to elevate and shape. However, in the case of small and drooping breasts, the placement of a prosthesis can help to make the results more effective and durable.. A mastopexy is not the same as a breast augmentation, but both interventions can be complementary.

The prostheses that are used during a mastopexy are the same ones that any plastic and aesthetic surgeon would use for a current increase. The implants are made of high density silicone cohesive gel. They can be round or teardrop shaped. The latter, also called anatomical, are those that offer more natural results, because of their resemblance to the natural shape of the chest fall.

Although the mastopexy is a good option to reposition the breasts and, accompanied by a prosthesis, increase its size, can also solve other cosmetic problems of the breasts. Many women have an unequal size or shape of one breast with respect to the other. This breast asymmetry often worries women, but they should know that they are not the only ones.

It is a very frequent and usual issue in the female body, but, if it is very pronounced, it can be considered as not very aesthetic. This drawback can also be solved during mastopexy.

Lifting with prosthesis, the most durable option

In general, the results of a mastopexy are usually very satisfactory. But, unfortunately, they are not definitive. The patient must take into account that the breasts can be released again, depending on some factors, such as weight, age, pregnancy and lactation. Of course, generally, not in the same way as before the intervention.

The lifting with mastopexy, accompanied by a prosthesis, is the most effective and lasting combination for those women who want to increase and shape their breasts. However, if a sagging of the breasts occurs again, it will be easy to reposition them. In this case, the specialist can reuse the scars already present in old operations.

If the breast lift has been accompanied by an implant, the effect is much more lasting. In the event that a new sagging occurs, you can easily reposition the breast using and removing the old scars.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dra. Esther Lliró Blasco
Plastic surgery

Dr. Lliró is a renowned specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has more than 20 years of experience in the profession and extensive training in different fields of the specialty. Specifically, Dr. Lliró is one of the leading experts in blepharoplasty, genital surgery, tension threads, tuberous breasts and breast reduction. Throughout her career she has combined her care work with teaching, being a teacher and organizer of courses in plastic surgery. She also develops an important dissemination task, being a regular speaker at congresses and speeches of the specialty, as well as a book collaborator. He currently runs his own plastic surgery clinic, Arcos Integral.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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