The roncoplastia laser, a new method to treat snoring adult

Written by: Dr. Jordi Coromina Isern
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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Snoring occurs during sleep when there is difficulty breathing. Sometimes even they stop breathing, sleep apnea calls appear. In addition, snoring is a frequent cause of marital problems. In many cases, people with this disorder often feel sleepy and tired during the day, difficulties with concentration and memory, being able to suffer irritability, Morning headache, hypertension and decreased libido or sexual appetite.

roncoplastia laser man For a correct diagnosis a review by the otolaryngologist, who, with a simple and very rapid exploration (fiberoptic endoscopy nose and throat), find out where the blockage that causes snoring is required.

For many adults, the volume or intensity of snoring can be reduced significantly by using a new technique, which uses the so-called Erbium: YAG laser which has been launched by the Dr otolaryngologists. Dr Pedro Fortuny. Jordi Corominas at the Institute of Medical Center Teknon Photomedicine.

By applying a tensioning and shrinkage of the mucosa of the soft palate and uvula tissue occurs, expanding airflow, respiratory or opening, and thus preventing vibration or noise. The Erbio- Yag laser treatment is fast, safe and painless, has no side effects and does not require anesthesia. It is performed on an outpatient basis, and consists of applying the laser on the pillars, palate, uvula and tonsils.

The procedure is performed in four sessions lasting 15-20 minutes each, with an interval of 15 days between each session. After each one, the patient immediately returns to normal activity.

This technique is applied exclusively in adults as in children, the cause of snoring is different (excessive enlarged adenoids or tonsils and adenoids), and therefore also its treatment.

Also, not all adult patients are likely to improve with this technique. With the previous visit and exploration, the otolaryngologist will confirm in which cases the right treatment is the application of laser Erbium: YAG.

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By Dr. Jordi Coromina Isern

Dr. Coromina is a leading expert in diseases of ear, nose and throat. Author of the bestseller ". The child The child snoring with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome" in which this disease and described its progress through treatment Some of the outstanding features offered are: laser therapy and radiofrequency the snorer child and / or "sleep-apnea" child (tonsillar reduction laser) syndrome, the simple snorer and the snorer with sleep apnea syndrome ("sleep-apnea" adult), hypertrophy of the nasal turbinates (obstruction nasal), among many others. He leads a team of 20 professionals, including 14 otolaryngologists.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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