Child psychiatry is the prevention of adult psychiatry

Written by: Dr. Jaume Cañellas Galindo
Edited by: Patricia Fernández Ramos

The Psychiatry is a specialty of medicine, but also has a lot to do with psychology. Psychology and psychiatry differ in basic training and in diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities: psychology is limited to psychotherapeutic treatment through word. Instead, the psychiatrist has a broader knowledge body fan, not only of the mind, allowing you to make a differential diagnosis of a mental or physical condition, is empowered to prescribe certain drugs and monitor the progress of patient taking medication. The psychiatrist is halfway between neurology and psychology. Between body and mind.


Child psychiatry in Catalonia

In the eighties there were enough care needs in psychiatry. Some doctors who were outside our country even returned to lend a hand. But at that moment in Catalonia practically had psychiatric health network. In order to meet the growing demands of the population, general practitioners, psychologists adults, people who might be interested in these issues, but often had no training on children and adolescents were sought, and willingly did what they could.

Currently in the teaching of child and adolescent psychiatry there are trends, theoretical and functional bases of all kinds, which on one side is positive, because diversity always helps to advance, but otherwise it is negative, because it is very difficult to get agree and reach consensus on treatment protocols. It should be structured a specific university training, a medical specialty and psychological specialty children's and youth clinic.


Child psychiatry: prevention of adult psychiatry

child psychiatry Child psychiatry is the source of prevention of adult psychiatry: if not taken seriously and a good psychiatric care is not developed in childhood and adolescent, you can not expect tomorrow's adults are healthier than adults from today. If when symptoms begin to appear small are treated, it is possible to prevent a few years later people have to go to a psychiatrist when they have worsened.


The role of parents in child psychiatry

To engage children and young people have to have a vocation, energy and time, needed the intervention of many professionals and the deep involvement of parents can not be cured untreated children parents, sometimes grandparents, not to mention with teachers, even without consulting your pediatrician or general practitioner.

By working with the family, often see the problem superficially, parents bring the child who is misbehaving to a psychiatrist or child psychologist, so that it finds a remedy that calms. But not even want to talk about pathological interactions or no parental attitudes that make the child distresses. Often the child is moved and aggressive because there is a family tension, stiffness, a frequent conflicts between parents, a repressive education or strikeout in utter slovenliness. Often, the child is the symptom of family pathology.

Very moved, unstable, children can also be aggressive are the most frequent cases Psychiatric consultation. It is very lively children, who do not pay attention and hyperactivity passing this to a certain aggressiveness, some rebellion, derived from emotional deprivation and lack of concern for the child.


Child psychiatry against drug

The lack of values ​​and culture of permissiveness with drugs and alcohol favors the increase of dependencies: the children start to smoke and drink more and more young people, especially girls. At this age, smoke a single puff involves serious risks of psychological dependence on the drug, because it is still very immature. The child who does not follow these trends, do not smoke or do not drink, regard him as oddball and marginalize. So the psychological pressure it receives from the environment is so great that if you offer smoking and accepts, you can start a path of no return towards substance abuse.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Jaume Cañellas Galindo

Dr. Canellas is a leader in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at national and international level. Since 1990 he has established his private practice in Gerona. In the year 2012 I think the Fundacion Dr. Jaume Canellas a nonprofit foundation aimed at developing a medical specialty of psychiatry of the child and adolescent and child and adolescent clinical psychology serious and comparable to Hispanic-American level.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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