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Written by: Victoria Fernández Aguirre
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Integrity is the foundation for achieving a psychologically healthy life. There is nothing worse than not being true to yourself carefully.

In Spain people are not accustomed to seeing the psychologist as someone who can help you in your self-development, to expand your quality of life, to enrich and enhance your skills. By contrast, the psychologist helps one suffers problems is sought.

But the real key is the human and psychological development that a person can achieve, regardless of the origin of the search is due to a problem that has or because they want to evolve personally.

As he regarded the famous psychiatrist Carl G. Jung, neurosis may actually be more of a driving force for the development of personality. This approach is more common in other countries where the psychological work is more developed and has gone further, as the Anglo-Saxon countries, for example.

In general, people who come to the consultation do so because they seek to solve a problem that distresses them, scare them, depresses them or generates conflict with their environment. It works with people suffering from psychological issues or also who want to advance their vital development. Obviously, anyone can experience this type of situation or seek their own personal development, split point that starts.


Why do we suffer?

In regards to reasons for consultation, people come for various reasons: anxiety disorders, depression, problems in the workplace, difficult situations with family or couple, needs related to professional development or clarification of their professional status, life crises, sequelae of childhood trauma, etc.

Psychological difficulties are always immersed and are affected by the lifestyles and cultures. Every lifestyle and every culture, be it Western or other, causes the appearance of certain problems or specific psychological tendencies, good and not so desirable. There is no culture that does not generate imbalances and therefore aspects that can cause suffering, but which generates a culture does not generate another and vice versa.

The consultation found a very sensitive person and, in many cases, victims vulnerable or very toxic, past and present contexts.


How to have a good emotional health

To me, integrity is the foundation for achieving a psychologically healthy life, and by that I mean the harmony between what one says, what one feels and what one does. The contradiction between these aspects causes anxiety and suffering. There is nothing worse, so to speak, to not be true to yourself carefully.

Moreover, this inconsistency is a source of misunderstandings and conflicts that you have around, and gradually leads to great confusion when you know what you really want in life and who he really is.

Someone said "Courage is what it takes to live as one wishes". And, I add, patience and persistence. In my experience, people who feel in their hearts motivation for change and persist in it with proper counseling achieve inner peace and reach for things in life that are often astounding. Much of what at first dare to hope.

The life in general gives us many more options than sometimes we can see.


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By Victoria Fernández Aguirre

Victoria Fernandez Aguirre is a prominent psychologist specializing in Personal and Professional Counselling. She has a Masters in Adult Clinical Psychology, and an extensive career. He has experience in a variety of topics related to the psychological work with adults, using a wide range of approaches and cognitive-behavioral dynamics and methodologies. In addition, it exerts teaching in various centers of excellence to convey their extensive knowledge in the art that dominates.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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