The abdominal wall: hernia and eventration

Written by: Dr. Francisco Javier García Borda
Edited by: Top Doctors®
. Francisco Javier García Borda is a specialist in general surgery and an expert in colorectal surgery-coloproctology, gallbladder surgery and abdominal wall surgery. Next, he explains how this last technique develops.


The role of surgery in the abdominal wall is the repair of it when it has lost its integrity, that is, those alterations that cause "breaks" or failures of the wall.

Which pathologies require surgical treatment?

Fundamentally are the hernias and eventraciones , more infrequent are the losses of part of the abdominal wall due to traumatisms: traffic accidents, sports accidents, injuries, et cetera.


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Currently, with the prosthetic repair, the postoperative period is much more comfortable.

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By Dr. Francisco Javier García Borda

Expert in General Surgery and Digestive Diseases with over 30 years experience in the development of their daily work as a specialist in this field, its main areas of interest are the Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, Venous Reservoir Implant Subcutaneo and gastric surgery.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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