Osteoporosis mainly affects women

Written by: Dr. Juan Muñoz Ortego
Published: | Updated: 12/11/2018
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Osteoporosis is a bone disease that primarily affects women. It is a disease in which the bone loses density and increases its internal porosity. This results in a more brittle and less shock resistance bone, leading to an increased risk of bone fractures.

osteoporosis According to specialists in rheumatology , it is a very common disease in Spain, since it is the most important determinant of fracture in people over 50 years. The risk of these people to present an osteoporotic fracture is 40% for women and 13% for men. Osteoporosis mainly affects women due to estrogen hormone deficiency, generating a loss of bone mass at menopause.


Risk factors for osteoporosis

The main factors that influence the risk of developing osteoporosis are genetics, advanced age, being female, previous fractures, a sedentary lifestyle, snuff, alcohol intake deficits and consumption of certain drugs.

The main consequence of osteoporosis, which is both its main symptom is bone fracture. These types of fractures can occur at low impact shock such as a fall on the floor, or appear spontaneously. The most common vertebral bone fractures are the hip and wrist.


Osteoporosis Treatment

Treatment for osteoporosis aims to reduce the number of bone fractures. There are many different types of treatments such as oral, subcutaneous and intravenous. It is important to conduct a thorough patient history to indicate the most appropriate treatment for their needs.

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By Dr. Juan Muñoz Ortego

Dr. Juan Muñoz Ortego is an expert in Rheumatology in the field of Pain . His scientific merits stand out for his Extraordinary Award of Doctorate in Internal Medicine by the UAB and his Master's Degree in Acupuncture by the UB.

In his aspect of care he is the Medical Director of the instituteMYM oriented to the multidisciplinary care of stress, fatigue and pain. He also holds the position of Clinical Coordinator of the Inflammatory & Systemic Autoimmune Diseases Multidisciplinary Unit ( ISADMU ) at the Teknon Medical Center , aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of systemic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

His teaching activity is focused on Medical Acupuncture : he is Director of the official Postgraduate Course in Acupuncture and Auricular Neuromodulation in the treatment of pain accredited by the Scientific Society of Acupuncture of the Academic of Medical Sciences of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands ( SCACB ) as well as professor associate of the UB in his Master of Acupuncture.

As a researcher, he directs the Acupuncture Research Group based on the Evidence of the SCACB and participates actively in the Research Groups of the Spanish Society of Rheumatology (SER) . He has published more than 50 articles in scientific journals nationally and internationally in the fields of osteoporosis , gout , osteoarthritis , arthritis , spondylitis , acupuncture and pain . He currently holds the positions of Deputy Secretary of the SER and Vice President of the SCACB .

For Dr. Juan Muñoz Ortego, Rheumatology is the medical specialty of reference in both musculoskeletal and systemic autoimmune diseases and considers Acupuncture as a first-line medical procedure in the management of stress, fatigue and pain . His integrative vision of medicine allows him to develop a medical practice oriented to the needs of each patient, achieving the efficiency and personalized healthcare excellence .

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