Adult orthodontics

Written by: Cristina Elguezábal Julián
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One of the main reasons why adults consider having an orthodontic treatment is the aesthetics of the smile. Even so, orthodontics can provide many other benefits besides aesthetics.


We are often unaware that our teeth do not fit well, and therefore do not work well. Orthodontics corrects malpositions and crowding of the teeth and, in this way, we improve the functioning of the mouth in general and facilitate the maintenance of the health of the teeth and gums.

In children, orthopedics allows us to correct some of these problems, since they are growing and have a greater capacity to adapt to changes.

However, orthodontics in adults has a very different starting point. The bones no longer grow, there may be loss of teeth, bone that supports the teeth or even previous treatments, such as crowns or implants.

These more complex situations in adults make it often advisable to face treatments with a multidisciplinary approach. Orthodontic treatments must be performed before other definitive treatments, such as implants or bridges. If we start from an incorrect bite, these treatments will not fit well, which may compromise your long-term success.

Even so, orthodontic appliances do not interfere with the development of daily life. You can sing, play instruments, go out to dinner or practice all kinds of sports. There are very few drawbacks and there is no problem in which the patient adapts to them quickly. For example, it is better to avoid foods such as pipes, candy or chewing gum.

The duration of orthodontics usually ranges between one or two years depending on the severity of the problem and the patient's collaboration. The success of the treatment depends above all on a rigorous diagnosis and a correct planning of the steps to follow.

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By Cristina Elguezábal Julián

Cristina Elquezábal is a dentist premier international specialized training in the field of orthodontics. He is in charge of the Dental Clinic Sanclemente for over 18 years. He has also participated in numerous seminars related to dental implants.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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