Nutrition During Cancer

Nutrition During Cancer

Written by: Gemma Morales
Published: | Updated: 12/08/2018
Edited by: Noelia Pino García

There are many factors to take care when a person has cancer or when it wants to prevent. As experts say in Nutrition and Dietetics , some of these factors are: snuff, diet, physical inactivity, excess weight and body fat, lose weight suddenly and alcohol, among others. These are decisive factors that increase the incidence of cancer and complicate their recovery.

Ginger is good for diet oncologica Nutrition plays an important role during the period of illness. There are symptoms that vary chemotherapy drugs that are needed for each type of cancer. Ginger can help reduce nausea, gastric decreasing while this activity stimulates contractions.

On the other hand, avoid excessive consumption of meat, sausages, pastries, simple sugars (candy), soft drinks, sweets, refined cereals, milk and fried, among others.


Benefits of good nutrition

Proper nutrition helps to cope with a higher quality of life the disease process. It also helps to combat eating the right thing to nourish our cells healthy and avoiding nourish the "bad" as well as to better cope with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, where side effects such as anemia, intestinal problems, lowered energy are very frequent, indigestion, sores and dry mouth, altered taste and smell and loss of muscle, among others.

You can read more in the recently published book Anticancer editions Dome Plan. Planet Books.



*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Gemma Morales
Nutrition & Dietetics

And Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition at the University of Barcelona and Vic, Gemma Morales has over 15 years of experience in nutrition for weight loss, sports nutrition, food intolerance and digestive problems. Apart from practice as a nutritionist at the Dermatological Institute Dr. Puig, also it operates as a nutritionist specializing in nutrition support in cancer processes in the Oncology Unit Remei Clinic and Institute of Clinical Oncology Clinic in Corachán. Develops specific nutrition plans based on the needs and providing strategies for achieving necessary nutritional goals.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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