La micropigmentación en oncología

Written by: Maribel Franco
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The use of this technique helps to contribute to the emotional well-being of patients. To do this, we design the brows according to the factions so that the patient's face regains its expressiveness. The specialists recommend to realize the micropigmentación before beginning the process of chemotherapy to be able to thus minimize the shock that produces the abrupt change of image due to the fall of the hair. If a patient undergoing chemotherapy wishes to undergo a micropigmentation treatment, you should first notify your oncologist.

Micropigmentation is a treatment that is also known as semi-permanent makeup. It is also used for people who want to wear makeup that is not altered by certain sports, such as swimming.

The micropigmentation procedure consists of introducing pigment with microneedles. The micro is made in the first layer of the skin, with which the aggression is minimal.

Micropigmentation of the eyebrows is used to return facial expression

Micropigmentation in Oncology

The use of this treatment in oncology depends on the area to treat. For example, facial, hair fall of the eyebrows and eyelashes by the effects of chemotherapy, with the help of micropigmentation recovers the expression.

In the case of mastectomies, a breast reconstruction of the areola is done in 3D, visually obtaining its natural appearance. Treatment is always performed on healthy skin. In cancer cases, it is done under medical prescription.

For more information, consult a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine.

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 Maribel Franco

By Maribel Franco
Aesthetic Medicine

The expert in cosmetic techniques, Ms. Maribel Franco, has a renowned career in several Esthetic Clinics & Medical Centers as Iradier, Corachán or Arsenal. It specializes in micropigmentation, which has been formed academically in the US and Italy. It is also expert personnel and aesthetic image, pre and post surgical treatments, in addition to oncological aesthetics. It has the qualifications for film and television makeup and makeup for photography. It has imported the progress of the most advanced techniques of international reference center.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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