The best position of the breast implant

Written by: Dr. Carlos Gullón Cabrero
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In the world of Aesthetic Medicine and breast implants there are numerous possibilities and existing methods. For example, there are surgeons place the implant in front of the pectoral muscle, while others do behind. Thus there are surgeons make a small incision in the sub groove, from which to place the implant, and others who do following a line passing through the bottom of the areola.

There are also alternative ways, such as axillary or trasnmamilar. Thus, it is clear that if a patient wants to increase your breasts, will face a real mess to know what is the best, so consult with a specialist in Plastic Surgery confidence will be critical.


How FEMM breast implants are placed?


In FEMM we opted for the underwater route; A small incision between four and six centimeters is done in the sub groove, the area where the breast joins the chest at the bottom, taking advantage of this natural crease to hide the scar. But why do we use the underwater route? There are three main reasons:


  • By making the incision at the bottom, it allows you to place implants more cleanly than other alternatives. In addition this approach does not allow the brush of the prosthesis with the mammary gland, preventing the contamination, and thus avoiding future complications associated with breast augmentation surgery. 
  • To locate a height correctly future undersea furrows, ie, so that the breasts are located at the same height, existing asymmetries in the height of the implants. 
  • The third important reason has to do with healing. If for biological reasons, a person is not healing normally, a hypertrophic scar or keloid may appear. These scars are very visible or take time to show a normal appearance. So his vision is avoided hiding to avoid that may appear, for example, in the center of the breast.


What is the best position of the prosthesis in breast implants?


The implant may be placed above the muscle or therebelow. There is even an intermediate position beneath the fascia overlying the pectoral. In FEMM Subglandular plane it never used, since in that case, the prosthesis may cause the breast implant along with the pick, losing the way initially achieved in surgery.

In turn, the implants placed in this position, with the passing of time tend to atrophy fat mammary gland, so that each time would more evident the implant and each time the breast would be most atrophic, giving artificial result over the years.

It reserves the subfascial pathway in FEMM, the next level of depth, ie in place between the pectoral muscle and fascia overlying, for patients who use their chest muscles, with patients who do not want any decline in physical strength, and he cares much your muscles are one hundred percent. From this plane gets a little more naturally than in the plane Subglandular.

Finally, we have the Subpectoral flat or retropectoral. This plan allows the prosthesis is deeper, offering a much more natural look. In this case a gap under the pectoral muscle is made, thereby protecting the muscle itself to the implant. The displacement of the prosthesis down is less likely, remaining attached to the body tissues.


FEMM innovation in breast implants


  • Plane DUAL FEMM: separating the mammary gland muscle before placing the implant under the pectoralis muscle, a satisfactory result, avoiding in turn gets called "sign ax" which causes the contracting músculopectoral and split the breast two halves: the prosthesis and entrained by the pectoral gland. 
  • TRI-planar technique FEMM: regarding the location of the implant, this innovative technique triplanar occurs at three different levels of surgery, which aims to avoid the presence of a double groove. It is therefore, a modified technique DUAL plane which avoids surprises in the final result of the operation of breast augmentation.
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By Dr. Carlos Gullón Cabrero
Plastic surgery

Dr. Carlos Gullon Cabrero has over 20 years of experience and specializes in facial and body cosmetic surgery. He has also collaborated on campaigns facial reconstructive surgery in Mexico. Besides his intense surgical activity, Dr. Gullón has participated in numerous congresses and conferences in its field. Currently holds center FEMM surgery and aesthetic medicine and is part of a large number of medical and scientific societies of prestige.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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