Integrative Medicine at the ORL and Human Communication

Written by: Dr. Óscar Biurrun Unzué
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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By Integrative Medicine (MI) we understand the synergy between Conventional and Natural Medicine. It is, therefore, a discipline that uses procedures endorsed by the scientific and methodological rigor coming from both Conventional and Natural Medicine - in our case: Acupuncture / Traditional Chinese Medicine, Phytotherapy (plants), Homeopathy and Medical Nutrition - as well as Neurosensory Stimulation Techniques (Psycho-phono-audiology): Tomatís Techniques.

The objective of the MI is the achievement and maintenance of health and well-being through the approach, or the combination of approaches, that allow maximum efficiency (Efficacy / Cost) with the minimum presence of secondary and / or undesirable effects, from a strict optics of individualization of situations and insisting, in a proactive way, on the prevention and approach of the human being as a whole, considering, as a whole, the physical, psychic and emotional aspects of the person, both in a situation of health as of illness.


It is an objective strived from the point of view of knowledge, training and logistics, since it requires preparation in various conventional and natural medical disciplines, but the results obtained make the subject exciting, at the same time as they justify the plus invested effort.

The fact that MI is in medical hands is a guarantee of efficacy and safety, given that it avoids the potentially serious dangers arising from the professional intrusiveness of supposed non-medical naturopaths who do not know, due to obvious formal training absence, the medical details of the pathologies that are treated -that are studied in depth in the medical career: 6 years, and MIR specialization: from 3 to 5 years and in their inherent continuing education- as well as the behavior of conventional medical treatments and their interactions with natural remedies , which can sometimes be very intense.

The scope of action of the MI encompasses many aspects of routine medical work but, for reasons of precision, we will focus on the environment of our specialty. Thus, as pioneers in MI, we contribute our experience in the Integrative Treatment of: development problems of the speech and language, psychomotor retardation, school maladjustment, hyperactivity, attention disorders, intelligibility problems (with or without hearing loss), hearing alterations, dysphonia, mood alterations, anxiety, headaches and TMJ alterations, dizziness and instabilities, tinnitus, hyperacusis, allergies, sleep disorders, repetitive infections, prevention and treatment of adverse physical, psychological and emotional effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, facial paralysis ...

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By Dr. Óscar Biurrun Unzué


Otorhinolaryngologist and prestigious speech therapist with more than 25 years of experience. Pioneer in Spain in the diagnosis and treatment of Sleep Disorders, in general, and Sleep Apnea Syndrome in particular, namely: first publication about it in 1990, Cum Laude doctoral thesis in 1993, Cesar Beltrán 1998 Award, multiple research scholarships etc. He has worked in various Catalan hospitals, as well as professor of courses and masters of the specialty. Pioneer in Spain in the application of the methods of Integrative Medicine (Union of Conventional and Natural Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Medical Nutrition ...) in its search for diagnostic and therapeutic excellence, is to say to obtain the maximum effectiveness with the minimum adverse effects, and in his holistic conception of the person (Body, Psyche and Emotions). He has highlighted, in addition to his contribution to General Otorhinolaryngology, in the field of Medical Audiology: Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment of Hearing Loss, Tinnitus (noises in the ears), Alterations of Balance etc and in the field of Human Voice Alterations . Dynamic and passionate science, in addition to an extensive curriculum of publications, books, courses and lectures and stays abroad (Stanford University, Mutualidad Argentina de Hipoacúsicos etc) has a patent of invention. In recognition of his intense professional and scientific career he has been elected Full Member of the Ramón y Cajal Illustrious Academy of Health Sciences (June 2018).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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