The Aesthetic Medicine should not leave scars or skin or the wallet

Written by: Dr. Jorge Arturo Almeida Guevara
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The doctor. Arturo Almeida is a specialist in Laser Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, and has extensive experience in the best centers in the United States and Europe.. He directs the Alcobendas Medical Center (Madrid) and also has a practice in London. He is also the director of Aesthetic Medicine of Top Doctors in Madrid. You can follow him on Twitter @DocArzur

How do you define. Aesthetic Medicine?

It's that branch of medicine that takes care of what you see. But it is much more than that. As a professional I would say that it is the medical specialty that restores, modifies and improves the anatomy and physiology of the visible part of our body. And it does it through techniques that combine purely aesthetic objectives with the treatment and prevention of diseases. The ultimate goal, beyond what we see, is to promote the physical and mental health of our patients.

What requirements should a center dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine have?

First of all, it must be a Medical Center, with a comprehensive vocation for medicine and a multidisciplinary vision. This implies the presence of different specialists, such as nutritionists, aesthetic doctors, dentists and surgeons with clear orientation to their patients and the results. An attention and services that we offer at the Alcobendas Medical Center.


What new features does your center offer us, and especially in view of this time of the "bikini operation"?

Before the bikini operation, there is no single miraculous method, so it must be approached from different approaches. I would highlight the appearance in the market of a new product specifically designed for the treatment of cellulite, which is the workhorse of a large number of women. It is applied as a mesotherapy, without pain and without marks, which, combined with intralipotherapy manages to overcome this problem. Our center is at the forefront of these treatments, and the results - as seen in our patients - are being spectacular. It's not magic, it's work. In addition, we combine our treatments with a protocol controlled by our nutritionist. The result is that not only serves to lose those extra kilos, but also to fight against the heaviness of legs and fluid retention, so common in this era.

And are these treatments expensive?

No, they are not expensive treatments, but they are of great value. Aesthetic Medicine is a medical act, and must adapt to protocols of action, in which the professional not only gives priority to the appearance of the patient, but the problems or difficulties that may be behind it all.. I'll tell you clearly, it's not just centimeters or kilos of more or less, it's health. And we also think that the Aesthetics should not leave scars on the skin or in the wallet.

Any trick to be prettier?

Yes, the first one is to get down to work. And for this the best thing is to visit our website,, and to all those who sign up I will give them an eBook of the "Six keys to look perfect this summer".

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Jorge Arturo Almeida Guevara

By Dr. Jorge Arturo Almeida Guevara

Dr. Jorge Arturo Guevara Almeida is a specialist in minimally invasive procedures, Varicose Veins Surgery, Proctology and Reconstruction of the earlobe. He has over twenty years experience in General and Digestive Surgery, with a solid training internationally in European and US centers.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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