Low back pain and its treatment

Written by: Dr. Robert Krämer
Published: | Updated: 17/07/2018
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We all suffer throughout our lives at least once lumbalgia or lumbociatalgia. Low back pain is a pain in the lumbar spine that occurs most frequently in the low back and lumbosacral area.. When irradiation of pain occurs to one or both legs it is the ciatalgia. In 95% of cases, these pains are caused by degenerative changes of the intervertebral discs, which can result in protrusions or herniated discs that could produce compression in sensitive nerval structures such as the dural sac and the nerval roots passing through the ducts of the spine. This produces a very intense pain radiating towards one or both legs, the ciatalgia. Degenerative changes of the joints of the spine also occur slowly and can occlude the space of the dural sac and the nerval roots by bone growth, resulting in spinal claudication, a feeling of heaviness and pain in the legs that worsens when walking.





The majority of cases can be resolved with conservative treatment such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy or / and minimally invasive treatment with infiltrations directly to the affected area. However, there are cases that require surgical treatment. Nowadays the technique used is microscopic decompression. This new technique allows us to reduce the damage of the approach to the minimum, for which the patient goes home the day after surgery. If implant placement is indicated as, for example, in cases of severe instability or degenerative deformed deformities, thanks to the advance in this field the patient recovers more quickly although the surgery is more aggressive than the microscopic technique. The mobilization is done with a girdle and the patient can be discharged before returning to a normal life without pain.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection
Dr. Robert Krämer

By Dr. Robert Krämer
Orthopaedic Surgery

Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery, received training in spinal surgery clinics in various international reference. He has published numerous articles on spinal condition in various refereed journals and has presented a remarkable number of oral communications in national and international conferences and meetings.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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