The importance of choosing breast size before mammoplasty

Written by: Dr. Jaime García Pérez
Edited by: Ester Izquierdo Romagosa

Deciding the size of the breast in a breast augmentation is decisive in the intervention of these characteristics. That is why communicating with the plastic surgeon and agreeing on it is the most important thing to achieve success in breast augmentation surgery or mammoplasty, since the specialist can help resolve the doubt in patients.

When choosing size, you must take into account many factors such as weight, height or chest size, which always vary according to each woman. For this reason, the mamoplasty is a very personalized surgery.

It is important to follow the advice when choosing the desirable breast size.


Proportion in a mammoplasty

To choose the chest size it is vital to look for naturalness, since, for example, a woman with a narrow chest can not put on a disproportionate prosthesis, as the result would be too artificial.

Thus, it should be noted that the sizes of prostheses are usually between 300 and 350 cc, which means an increase of between one and two sizes. In addition, implants may have types depending on their projection, that is, the degree to which they come out, which is also important to advise the specialist.

It is true that, in certain cases, the doctor's opinion does not agree with the wishes of the patient. In these situations, the doctor must provide all the necessary information so that the patient has all the necessary knowledge to make a decision.

When choosing breast size, there are objective factors (physical characteristics of the patient) and subjective factors (preferences and desires of the patient). Satisfaction is achieved when a consensus is reached between these two points of view. In addition, the relationship between the patient and the specialist does not end once the mammoplasty is performed, as it requires an annual review to verify that there has been no complication.

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By Dr. Jaime García Pérez
Plastic surgery

Dr. Garcia Perez is a renowned specialist in plastic surgery, cosmetic and restorative of the province of Almeria. With over 20 years experience, he has completed his training as plastic, cosmetic and restorative surgeon in several hospitals in the Community of Madrid. During his long career he has also published numerous scientific articles specializing in national and international journals and has been a speaker, director and organizer of several conferences and scientific meetings at national and international level, besides being president of the Spanish Association of Surgery aesthetic Plastic (AECEP). It currently has his own practice in Almería.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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