The experience of Clinical Granado Tiagonce with EARFOLD

Written by: Dr. Agustín Granado Tiagonce
Published: | Updated: 18/11/2018
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In previous articles we talked about the Earfold technique; What is it made of the implant, as it is placed, what it is, what its effect, etc.Then we saw that Earfold is a new, simple and effective for treating protruding ears form, commonly known as protruding ears.



Who can undergo Earfold technique?

This time we focus on the recommended ages for carrying out the process, in how this solution will positively affect the patient and the importance of putting solution to the complex. Moreover, when it comes to such a simple technique.

After almost a year doing this treatment, we can conclude that 80% of the candidates are suitable for Earfold.

Evidently, adults are all fit unless otherwise values. Ie that there is no maximum age, but a minimum age.

Pinna runs until 7 or 8 years, so until then should not intervene, since their growth be interrupting. Thereafter, we can recommend the technique, being a plus the fact that the child / a and has a maturity that allows you to collaborate in the process and be calm / a.

As always, the plastic surgeon who will assess whether or not this technique is applicable to the patient, whether adult or child; thereafter, you can find a date for the practice of the art.



Photography patient before treatment EARFOLD



Photography of patient after treatment EARFOLD
Photography of patient after treatment EARFOLD



The technique is especially Earfold also indicated in people with allergies or specific clotting, since it prevents the surgical anesthesia and surgery.Ideally, call the clinic and inquire or make an appointment to come to an initial consultation with Doctor Granado. You can do it on the phone 912 053 735.


Earfold technique results

Until some time, both in the Clinica Granado Tiagonce and other specialized centers, it makes only knew otoplasty as the only way to correct protruding ears. Pere since we implemented the technique Earfold our patients continually requesting information on it and ask for advice, especially in children, who are self-conscious and suffer the social consequences with friends or at school.

Although otoplasty surgery has always been a relatively simple technique, children are more reluctant to such interventions, as they involve general anesthesia, hospital, etc.

But EARFOLD put an end to this problem! It is minimally invasive and is indicated to treat prominent ears safely without surgery, and only about 20-40 minutes.

The result is undoubtedly notice Earfold psychologically and for practical purposes, so it will be satisfactory especially for parents of children who, as we said before, are negatively conditioned by the characteristics of their ears. Notably always before placement apparatus, a simulation (Prefold) will be performed to allow the patient to visualize the effect of the implant and really evaluate if the effect achieved is the desired.

We are receiving many requests for the Earfold technique and we are happy to answer you all and to share this magnificent technique that with so little, solves so very much.

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By Dr. Agustín Granado Tiagonce
Plastic surgery

Doctor Cum specializing in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Laude. Dr. Agustin Granado Tiagonce has formed internationally and has authored numerous articles published in national and international journals. Currently he is Head of the Unit for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Hospital Nisa Pardo de Aravaca.

He has over 25 years of experience and is a member of various associations as SECPRE, Ispas And ASAPS. He is an honorary professor at the Complutense University of Madrid.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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