Diet and mood

Written by: Dr. Manuel Sánchez
Published: | Updated: 16/11/2018
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There is a total relationship between food and mood, since we are what we eat. If we are well nourished, without any imbalance or lack of any nutrient, and logically, without personal problems, we will be very well emotionally. We must bear in mind that diets can cause mood swings , for example, a hypocaloric or hyperproteic diet can cause mood disorders for lack of nutrients that are not ingested. In this sense, the Mediterranean diet , which is what we have, is perfect and maintains a good mood.

Any food that produces an adequate level of nutrients is a good precursor of good humor , not just pasta (as is often thought). If we eat something that we like a lot, it will produce good humor and we can take everything, as long as we do it in a balanced way.

Influence of food on the emotional state

It is said that chocolate is a good antidepressant for the amount of an amino acid it contains, called tryptophan. Two ounces of pure dark chocolate 70% cocoa a day help prevent cardiovascular risk. Although this quality does not have only chocolate, there are other foods of the style such as nuts. For example: three walnuts a day also decrease cardiovascular risk.

An antidepressant effect also has cherries , which help relieve depression because they are precursors, they contain anthocyanins. But not only cherries, also blueberries and pomegranates , among others.

For anxiety , although there is a belief that there are foods that help to remedy it, there really is no specific food that calms us down. But it is true that chocolate, for example, is like a prize for our brain, due to its organoleptic capacity. When eating chocolate, the bitter taste of the end is tryptophan, which is what benefits us and also "hooks" us.

In any case, from the emotional point of view you do not have to eliminate any food, you have to eat everything and eat as varied as possible. Since it is necessary to have all the nutrients because that is what makes you healthy. Sometimes, you may have serotonin, but if you lack vitamin B, you will no longer be emotionally or healthier.

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Dr. Manuel Sánchez

By Dr. Manuel Sánchez
Nutrition & Dietetics

Renowned expert in nutrition and dietetics, with special dedication to anti-aging. He is director of Aesthetic Medicine Unit Body, Nutrition and Dietetics from the Clinica Planas. In addition, it is university professor and part of the board of scientific societies like SEME and SEMAL.

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