As feeding influences on sexual health

How does diet affect sexual health ?

Written by: Dr. Josep Maria Pomerol Monseny
Published: | Updated: 17/08/2018
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Sex hormones  

During the fertile age and also in the menopause it is necessary to pay attention to the feeding. Certain foods can improve our sexual health.

The diet that we follow intervenes directly and indirectly in all aspects of our health. According to the specialist in Tocoginecology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Geriatrics, hormonal and dietary imbalances can be relevant factors in the decline of the reproductive capacity of women, since a good hormonal balance is important for the achievement of an active ovulation and balanced that allows pregnancy ". And the same happens in men. For the Dr. José Mª Pomerol Monseny, co-director of the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (IANDROMS), although there is little scientific research proving the benefit of certain foods on the fertility of man, the truth is that "the production of sperm, as well as the quality of them (mobility, form, vitality) and their transport in the seminal way depend on a large number of factors that, in theory, can be favored by elements contained in certain food products ". Hence, to enjoy good sexual and reproductive health, it is necessary to pay attention to food.

During menopause ...

"Menopause should be understood as a normal and physiological period in a woman's life, in which the organism must learn to function with a progressive decrease in the action of the main hormones (estrogen and progesterone).. It would be something similar to a cure of natural detoxification of the body to some substances, natural drugs, which up to that moment the ovary has been manufactured and which act on the whole organism, "says Dr.. Pomerol. During this time are frequent chills and heat, anxiety, sadness and digestive problems and sleep. In addition, many women suffer from an increase in bone wear (physiological osteoporosis), which is why, as the obstetrician advises, "it is important to control by densitometry and follow a diet with natural products rich in calcium (especially dairy products, although it is necessary to take nutritional supplements based on calcium and vitamins), as well as avoid excess fats and sugars, which can increase weight and body mass ".



Foods for good male sexual health

1. According to Dr. Pomerol, vitamins A (tomato, kiwi, orange, chicken, veal, liver), B (brown rice, cherry, peanut, corn, green leafy vegetables), B12 (viscera, meat, milk), C (milk, vegetables ) and E (nuts, avocado, seeds, cereals, egg, lettuce), as well as minerals (zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, selenium) and omega 3 fatty acids (blue fish) favor the production of hormones, transmission of orders from the brain to the penis and an adequate blood flow.

2. They are associated with an increase in blood risk in the urogenital system: basil, onion, garlic, black pepper, cloves, ginseng, ginger, dark chocolate, banana and chili.

3. The amino acid L-ARGININE (chicken, meat and turkey) is very important in the generation of nitric oxide, essential vasodilator in the erection.

4. Antioxidants (pomegranate, nuts, asparagus) can strengthen the immune system, raise oxygen in the body and improve blood circulation in the penis.

5. Avocados, celery, oats, cinnamon, chocolate, strawberry, apple, seafood, honey, bee pollen, pistachio, ginseng ... are considered aphrodisiacs.

Male diet

According to Dr. Pomerol, "antioxidants, such as vitamins C (citrus fruits, vegetables such as garlic or onion, fresh fruits such as strawberry, pineapple or papaya, and nuts such as hazelnut or almond) and E (nuts, olive oil ) and arginine (onion, garlic, cabbage, pepper, orange, carrot, lettuce, spinach) are fundamental in the production and quality of sperm ". On the opposite side there is research that shows that certain factors can have a negative effect on male fertility: "This is the case of obesity, follow a diet low in antioxidants or consume too much soy, coffee and alcohol," adds the doctor.  

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By Dr. Josep Maria Pomerol Monseny

Dr. Pomerol is a renowned specialist in Andrology, trained with the best surgeons micro United States. It has many years of experience in the profession and specializes in addressing male sexual pathologies, being expert in microsurgical techniques of the seminal tract. He has held senior positions such as Director of Andrology Service of the Fundació Puigvert and president of the Spanish Association of Andrology. He is currently andrologist at the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Medicine.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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