The "senile dementia" does not exist

Written by: Dr. Alfonso Cruz Jentoft
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Generally, geriatricians treat seniors after retirement (from age 65). However, some people prefer to go before to try to prevent problems before they arise. Others come to solve problems that arise in very old age (over 80 years), ages at which medical specialization is essential.

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What is the comprehensive geriatric assessment?

The comprehensive geriatric assessment is a diagnostic technique in which, through strict examination and use of several test capabilities and problems are determined in all aspects related to the health of a person: diseases, treatments, ability to carry out the activities of daily living, march, nutrition, mental function, mood and needs and resources of family and social support. The first consultation is therefore long, with a typical duration of about one hour.


Is it normal to lose your memory as you age?

roundly NO. The "senile dementia" does not exist. People who age well (mentally healthy) retain a normal mental capacity, even over a hundred years.

Still, it is true that the frequency of memory - wasting diseases (such as Alzheimer's disease) increases with age, affecting up to 30% of the elderly. If these people are not allowed to go to the doctor to check for memory loss they will be deprived of the possibility of receiving a correct diagnosis and effective treatment.

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By Dr. Alfonso Cruz Jentoft

Dr. Cruz Jentoft is a recognized expert in geriatrics, medical director of different units of this specialty. He is the author of Life begins at fifty, and editor and co - author of more than forty scientific books. He has published more than sixty articles in national and international journals and has participated in the organization of various national and international conferences.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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