The slope of January or ... an opportunity for change?

Written by: Rosa Guillén Ferrer
Published: | Updated: 12/11/2018
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January is seen by many as the worst month of the year. "The slope of January" is a well known phenomenon that refers to that time of year when people, after a period of festivity, back to reality; that is, if they return to their daily activities and routine.

Christmas Specialists in psychology say that in January increased by 20% visits to see because it is the time of year when the manifestations of anxiety and mood changes are increased, including insulation. The likelihood of an emotional imbalance increase. However, it is a timely moment and transient.

These emotional changes may be due, in many cases, to family gatherings. These can become confrontations between family members who are not good value or not often share time s meeting the rest of the year. In addition, these meetings lead to reappear nostalgia for one who is no longer with family.

As December is the end of a period in which balance between the achievement and frustration for what could not be, in January represents the beginning of a new stage is. This new stage can result in new opportunities and illusions approach leading to new goals and purposes.

Tips to face the slope of January

  • Resume routine. It is important to return to the daily rhythm gradually to slowly get used to changing schedules, activities, social relations, etc..
  • You plan and manage expenses. This is redirect the household economy. A good idea is to plan the purchase by a list of basic needs. The aim is to avoid, insofar as possible, buying unnecessary things.
  • Opportunity for change and renewal. January, as the beginning of the year is the ideal time to consider new purposes. It is an opportunity to rethink the goals and starting new projects.

To get a sense of personal and emotional fulfillment is important to consider realistic and achievable goals. Goals should be achievable in a short period of time so as to encourage achieve "small successes" that gradually become welfare.

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By Rosa Guillén Ferrer

Prestigious specialist in psychology, Rosa Guillen Ferrer is certified as General Health Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist (Europsy). Psicooncología expert, forensic psychology, grief and trauma specialist, among other treatments. Degree in Psychology from the University of Barcelona in 1999, has studied various courses related to their specialty. It is also a founding partner of the Association Creativity AQUARELLA Therapeutics which has developed its activity among others in the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital of Barcelona. Teacher trainer of professionals and students of geriatric field in the public and private sectors in different areas of management. He has held management positions as head of Human Resources and coordinated social and health projects in the field of NGOs. Collaborator in disseminating content in the field of psychology in different print media, radio and TV. Online therapy (Skype) also available. The brilliant career of this psychologist makes it a first class professional.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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