Plastic surgery in the treatment of cancer

Written by: Dr. Joan Pere Barret
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Many aspects are known about cancer treatment, but perhaps of all of them, the most unknown is the reconstructive role played by plastic surgery. The reality is that the participation of the plastic surgeon specialized in oncological reconstruction is very active, since it is responsible for the removal of large tumors of the head and neck and base of the skull or performs surgeries that allow the preservation, for example, of extremities in cases of sarcomas, with all that this implies for the patient.

That is, apart from removing the tumor, the plastic surgeon allows the recovery of the aesthetics and functionality of the affected part so that the patient can recover all social, work and emotional activities quickly after treatment.. Thus, plastic surgery in the treatment of cancer can make a patient smile again after a facial paralysis caused by the tumor or a patient leaves the operating room with both breasts after a mastectomy because in the same intervention the plastic surgeon has rebuilt the lost breast.


Immediate reconstruction

Currently, immediate reconstruction in the same intervention is a great advantage for the patient. This immediate reconstruction is done with the latest microsurgical, endoscopic and regenerative surgery with stem cells. Thus, injuries that were previously irreversible such as amputation of limbs, severe facial paralysis, mastectomies and permanent deformities are no longer a stigma of cancer. Plastic surgery in the treatment of cancer plays an important role in the reconstruction of the affected part, which is an aid for the patient to overcome the disease with the least possible consequences.


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By Dr. Joan Pere Barret
Plastic surgery

Dr. Joan-Pere Barret, is a prestigious specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. In particular, he is the first doctor in the world to have successfully completed a full-face transplant. Formed in the United States, he is an eminence and an international reference in face and limb transplantation, as well as one of the best doctors in reparative microsurgery: breast reconstruction, face reconstruction and paralysis surgery. He is also a great expert in facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. Throughout his career he has combined his care work with teaching, being director and professor of the subject of Plastic Surgery at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​as well as director of various doctoral theses. At the same time, it also develops an important informative task, being editor and collaborator of journals of high scientific impact. He has also published numerous books and scientific articles. He is currently a specialist in Plastic Surgery at the Center Mèdic Francesc Macià and, throughout his career, he has worked in prestigious centers in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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