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Written by: Dra. Anna Torres Maczassek
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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Breast breast surgery Ana Torres The Institute, located in the Teknon Clinic and the Center of Barcelona, ​​working all areas of the specialty of plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic. We are a predominantly female team, and consider breast surgery as our daily battle horse. We care about the health of women, and therefore we offer the most advanced techniques, our experience and sensitivity to solve their problems.

In the Institute Ana Torres we care about women and breast surgery that within plastic surgery includes breast reconstruction surgery and remodeling of the breast and breast augmentation.

Our experience allows us to understand the structures that make up the heart and how they behave over time. Skin, mammary gland tissue and fat tissue will change over the years, and that is something to be explained, especially younger patients, because what you have to get is a durable long-term outcome. Psychology also plays an important role in evaluating a candidate patient breast surgery. You have to understand the needs and desires of women, but also their expectations before surgery.

The plastic surgeon has to be honest when it comes to anticipate an outcome and the patient transferred all his knowledge, that the information, which will be crucial in the decision making by the patient are missing.

Within breast surgery have, mostly, the following subspecialties: breast reconstruction, breast remodeling surgery and breast augmentation surgery.

In breast reconstruction we have incorporated the latest advances in autologous tissue reconstruction and microsurgery and reconstruction with implants, to help women who require partial or total reconstruction of the breast. The important thing is that the patient is comfortable with her body, and for that we have to achieve maximum symmetry and accompany the patient throughout the process until the nipple and areola is reconstructed.

Breast remodeling surgery includes breast reduction and mastopexy. Breast reduction would be for women who have too much weight in their breasts, and mastopexy for cases that only have breast ptosis and require an elevation of the same. The latest techniques allow us to minimize scars and lasting results.

Breast Augmentation. Women who have breast tissue atrophy, small breasts (hipomastia), agenesis of the breast (amastia), deformities, such as tuberous breasts, and asymmetries significantly improve the placement of prosthesis, and must be used in most cases, additional techniques to reshape the breast.

The lipotransference adipose tissue graft from the patient allows us to get a breast augmentation without prosthesis, and in other cases is used to supplement other breast reconstruction techniques and remodeling. For lipotransference have the latest technology: Evo Bodyjet Humanmed, which allows the lipotransference low pressure without damaging the fat cells. This device is only available in two clinics in Spain, being the one Ana Torres Institute.

In the past three years we have seen an increase in demand of women, from 45-50 years, want explantation of the prosthesis during 10-25 years have led to graft substitute adipose tissue (fat) own that allow us, along with other techniques of breast remodeling, get excellent results.

The breast is a fundamental part of the body of a woman, so treat your defects or problems it is important for women to gain in self-esteem, attractive and secure in their personal and work relationships.

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By Dra. Anna Torres Maczassek
Plastic surgery

Dr. Torres is one of the most recognized specialists in Plastic Surgery in Barcelona after an international training frontline. This technique specializing in breast augmentation, also in reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery with lipotransference and facial surgery ( eyelids, ears and correction rhinoplasty).

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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