Surgery removes obesity type II diabetes in 75 % of cases

Written by: Dr. Fernando Martínez Ubieto
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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The 3D laparoscopic technique arrives at the surgery of obesity, managing to reduce the time of intervention and recovery of patients. In addition to this, obesity linked to type II diabetes is eliminated in 75% of cases.

Dr. Fernando Martínez Ubieto has been performing obesity operations for two years with an innovative technology that allows him to see the interior of the abdominal cavity in 3 dimensions. After more than 30 operations, Martínez Ubieto has researched the before and after treated patients. The main comorbidities associated with obesity is type II diabetes, which gets eliminated in 75% of cases with an intervention of gastric sleeve. The rest of the cases only needed control of diabetes through oral drugs, thus eliminating the need to inject insulin.

The average weight of the more than 30 patients operated and collected in the report was 114 kg , with a BMI of 44 and an average age of 42.6 years. More than 12 months after the operation, the average weight in the patients was 88 kg , that is, 68% less .

The surgeon Fernando Martínez Ubieto has been performing obesity surgeries with 3D technology for about two years. This laparoscopic technology with 3D vision provides great surgical precision and reduces the time of intervention and recovery of patients. Dr. Martinez Ubieta believes that it is the closest system to robotic surgery, but without the economic cost that it requires, so that, within two years, it could be the technique used by all professionals in the sector.

In Spain, obesity is a disease with a high prevalence. 24% of men and 21% of women suffer from it, as well as 14% of children. In addition, 25% of children are overweight , according to data from the SEEDO. The world days of obesity and diabetes were just celebrated on November 12 and 14, respectively.. The advances presented by Dr. Martínez Ubieto represent a glimpse of hope for obesity patients, especially for the most severe cases.

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By Dr. Fernando Martínez Ubieto

Dr. Martinez Ubieto a doctorate in medicine from the University of Zaragoza since 1986. He is the Head of Surgery Aragon Health Service in the Hospital of Alcaniz and Head of Unit of General Surgery and Digestive Montecanal Clinic. He is an expert in Laparoscopic Surgery vision in 3 Dimensions of Obesity and Diabetes, as well as outpatient surgery of anal pathology.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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