Immediate loading of Dental Implants

Written by: Dr. Miguel Beltrán Andreu
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The placement of teeth on dental implants usually involves a period of time from when the implants are placed until we fix the teeth on them; it is the so-called "osseointegration period", which usually takes around two months .

This circumstance, which does not involve major problems when it comes to replacing molars, can be more difficult to assume when the teeth that are in poor condition, and that we must replace, are front teeth, which are seen; or they are all the teeth of the mouth.



In these cases, respecting the aforementioned waiting period is an aesthetic problem , since we can find a visible gap in our smile for several months; and, if it is all the denture, also a functional problem, before the impossibility of chewing.

The " immediate load " is a shortcut that allows us to avoid these problems. It consists, under certain circumstances, to extract the defective teeth, place the implants, and put some fixed teeth on them, all on the same day. In this way, it goes from having no teeth, or having teeth in very bad condition, to being able to enjoy fixed teeth in 24 hours .

From that moment, the patient already has teeth that allow him to eat, relate, function in general with comfort and, above all, with confidence. This supposes a radical change in the well-being that is reached from the first moment, since, if the conventional protocol is followed, after placing the implants it is necessary to spend at least 8 weeks without teeth or with removing and putting devices.

The percentage of success of the implants for this type of situations is very high , which means that we can use it in the daily clinic with total confidence when the previous examination of the candidate indicates us that he / she meets the adequate conditions.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Miguel Beltrán Andreu

Dr. Miguel Beltran is a recognized specialist in dental implants and one of the main references in immediate implants and immediate loading on implants. His knowledge in prosthetics and dental aesthetics, coupled with its extensive experience in implantology, make it to be considered as an expert in cases of oral rehabilitation.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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