Testicular biopsy helpful in finding the cause of male infertility

Written by: Dra. Carmen Ochoa Marieta
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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The testicular biopsy or testicular biopsy is a surgery done to remove a small piece of tissue from the testicles. This test also carried out with the intention of finding sperm are then used in assisted reproduction technique may help in diagnosing the cause of infertility.

The testicular biopsy can be performed for reproductive purposes or for diagnostic purposes. In assisted reproduction , reproductive purposes, we will use when no sperm are seen in the ejaculate, when there is a high rate of DNA fragmentation of sperm ejaculated or when there are changes in the mechanism of ejaculation. And for diagnostic purposes when we want to know the cause of the lack of sperm in the ejaculate or when an invasive process is suspected.

With this surgery, a piece of tissue from the testicles containing seminiferous tubules were extracted, from which you're getting the sperm. The procedure for obtaining sperm in the laboratory is careful because, within the seminiferous tubules, in addition to sperm cells are another type of display that may hinder thereof. This, plus the fact that in these situations there are often few mature and low sperm mobility, give the process the need for expertise and experience.

The testicular biopsy for reproductive purposes aims sperm Search. In these cases, sperm obtained are used for assisted reproduction treatment intended to fertilize the egg of a woman through the process of in vitro fertilization with sperm micro-injection.


Always sperm found in the testicular biopsy?


The probability of finding sperm that can be used in assisted reproduction technique is high, but not absolute. The possibility of finding depend on the cause that caused the lack thereof in the ejaculate. If the cause is the presence of an obstruction, either spontaneous or induced by a vasectomy, the probability of finding sperm is high, as well as in situations of disturbances of ejaculation. In situations unobtrusive the possibility of obtaining sperm it is less because in these cases there is a smaller quantity of sperm in the testis. Still, testicular biopsy is recommended that the method can have connotations, not only therapeutic, but also diagnostic.


Preliminary considerations for a testicular biopsy performed


Prior to undergo a testicular biopsy so, should fully inform the patient of the possibilities that exist in your particular case and methodology of the process. The patient should also consider the need for a reproductive technique for fertilization of eggs from your partner. This technique is the micro sperm injection (ICSI).

Once these considerations have been taken into account, the patient needs to know that this is the only option that exists for the birth of a baby genetically his.

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Dra. Carmen Ochoa Marieta

By Dra. Carmen Ochoa Marieta
Fertility Specialty

Concerning Assisted Reproduction in Spain. He was responsible for the first test tube baby that was born in a public hospital Spanish in the year 1985 and has since gained extensive experience over 31 years of professional experience. Expert testicle biopsy for obtaining sperm used later, in Assisted Reproduction treatments. He has extensive experience in the embryo culture and the management and knowledge of both gametes, ova and sperm. Just as in treatments to mono families and parental homo. He has held senior positions in scientific society ASEBIR as vice president and at present as president of the Committee for Specialist and Certified. Founder of Cer.Santander and Reproduction Medicine in Bilbao, currently runs two medical centers dedicated solely to human assisted reproduction

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