Breast asymmetry: what it is and how I fix it?

Written by: Dr. Pietro Mulas
Edited by: Top Doctors®

The breast asymmetry is the difference in size, shape or situation breasts. Most women presents a slight asymmetry of the breast but when this difference is significant can cause emotional problems and self-esteem in women.

Causes of breast asymmetry

There are several medical conditions that can cause breast asymmetry. For example, Poland 's syndrome is an alteration suffered by adolescents and is characterized by the lack of pectoral muscles and the lack of development of one breast, and even the nipple or areola. Other associative disorders may be scoliosis, pectus excavatum and the scleroderma. Growth during puberty, weight fluctuations and pregnancy and lactation may also contribute to a difference in breast size, plus misplaced or faulty cosmetic breast implant surgeries.

Operation of breast asymmetry

The solution to a breast asymmetry is cosmetic surgery, either increasing or decreasing one or both breasts to get more symmetry. Many plastic surgeons do not agree to perform breast surgery under 18, but it all depends on the type and severity of the disorder.

- The breast reduction surgery takes two to four hours and is performed under general anesthesia. Circumareolares incisions either vertical or inverted T -shaped in the bottom of the breast is performed and the excess tissue is removed breast. Then, the areola and the nipple is repositioned, changing its size to match the other breast.

- The breast enlargement or mammoplasty takes less than two hours and also is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes a small incision on the edge of the areola, under the breast or in the armpit and insert an implant, trying to get a similar result in terms of size and shape of the other breast.

Both procedures carry a risk of complications because, as in any surgery, bleeding can occur, an infection or scarring in the breast. Another risk is the rejection of the implants, capsular contracture or loss of sensation in the nipple and areola.

The operation of breast asymmetry is not normally result in completely identical breasts, because in nature there is something common, but achieve better symmetry can greatly increase self-esteem and satisfaction of the woman with her body.

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By Dr. Pietro Mulas
Plastic surgery

Graduated from the University of Sassari (Italy ) with the maximum note, Dr. Pietro Mulas is an expert plastic surgeon in breast surgery. He works as a doctor in Plastic Clinic with Dr.. Ester Garcia Andres. Complement your training courses with multiple breast, facial and body contouring at national and international level (Milan, Rome, London ) cosmetic surgery.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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