The arthroscopic treatment for joint pain

Written by: Dr. Luis Javier Roca Ruiz
Published: | Updated: 15/11/2018
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The doctor. Luis Javier Roca Ruiz, traumatologist at Top Doctors, will talk about arthroscopy.


What is this technique and what advantages does it present?

Arthroscopy involves entering a joint through a minimal incision, detecting the problem through a vision camera, and other small incisions to solve the problem, both in the hip joint, knee joint, shoulder joint and others.


What is the use of arthroscopy?

The fundamental utility of arthroscopy is that with a minimal incision and therefore with minimal muscle-tendon injury, a pathology is addressed and that pathology is solved by minimally damaging the structures that are before, that protect the joint. There are no large incisions, there is minimal bleeding, minimal pain on the part of the patient and an incorporation to their normal precocious activity.


What care should be taken after the operation and how long does it take for the patient to recover?

The care that must be taken after an arthroscopy is the natural care of the surgical wound, which is a minimal incision. Usually, the patient is quickly incorporated into physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs. It requires a minimum hospital stay that sometimes even is only hours, and that helps that once a physiotherapy and an early rehabilitation is done, the patient also quickly incorporates to his work activity or to his daily activity in his muscular functions. skeletal

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By Dr. Luis Javier Roca Ruiz
Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Luis Javier Roca Ruiz specializes in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology and reputed expert in Arthroscopic surgery and prosthetic surgery. Member of the Spanish Association of Arthroscopy since the year 2006. Author of numerous national and international in the field of research publications.

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