Invasilign, the revolution in orthodontics XXI Century

Written by: Dra. Ana Anglada
Published: | Updated: 18/11/2018
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Invisalign is an invisible orthodontics treatment. It is the great revolution of the XXI century as it is just as effective, or even faster, than traditional orthodontics.

Invisalign is an orthodontic appliance consisting of a series of transparent plastic removable aligners and sophisticated. These aligners are custom manufactured and, thanks to its precise setting and the development of a system of attachments, get the movement of the teeth. Invasilign aligners are changed on average every 13 days to exert the necessary pressure for tooth movement safely. Should take 22 hours a day removing them only to eat, brush your teeth and flossing.


Benefits of Invisalign

The benefits of this treatment are many invisible orthodontics. The main thing is that it is transparent, so it goes unnoticed. It is also removable and clean as it is removed when eating and put back after brushing teeth. It is a comfortable treatment without wires or metal braces that can irritate the mouth. Thus, emergency appointments are avoided because it has fallen bracket or has a wire that touches. The revisions are possible than with traditional braces, and which take place every two or three months, depending on the patient and their needs.


How long does the Invisalign treatment?

The treatment duration varies Invisalign dental correction to be made ​​for each patient. A major difficulty, as many aligners. There are patients undergoing treatment for only 4 months and others, however, they are done for 3 years.

Its effect is durable, as in the case of traditional orthodontics. Although it is very important to have a good retention after treatment ended Invasilign.

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By Dra. Ana Anglada

The Dra. Ana Anglada is a leading company specializing in Invisalign Dentistry, orthodontics and dental esthetics. Graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid, with Erasmus stay at Trinity College in Dublin. He has attended international Summit of Invisalign in several cities, and has made an update in dental esthetics at the University of New York.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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