Intralipotherapy treatment of localized fat

Written by: Dr. Rafael Bel Roé
Published: | Updated: 17/11/2018
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The intralipotherapy is a technique that is fat localizad to infiltration by a product called Aqualyx® without surgery. Aqualyx® is an aqueous micro-gelatinous solution, deoxycholic acid, that breaks the membrane of the adipocyte and thus destroys fat cells. It is a totally biocompatible substance, since it is present in the human organism, therefore it does not generate allergies of any type. It is the latest innovation for treatment without localized fat surgery .


The treatment of the Intralipoterapia


The intralipoterapia is realized by injections of the solution of Aqualix® inside the fatty tissue through a suitable, very fine and painless needle. It is injected radially, occupying the entire area to be treated. One vial per 10 cm2 of skin surface is generally used, not advising to exceed 5 or 6 vials per session.

The treatments should be performed at intervals of 2 or 3 weeks , depending on the area of ​​the area and the thickness of the adipose paniculus, between 3 or 4 sessions are recommended. Being a painless treatment does not require any type of anesthesia, neither topical nor infiltrated. Only at the time of infiltration can a small painful sensation appear which disappears within a few minutes. To avoid this minor annoyance, a small amount of local anesthetic is diluted in the Aqualyx® vial and in this way the effects of infiltration are minimized and the treatment is totally painless.

After treatment, the area may remain somewhat erythematous, which will disappear within a few hours. Light edema may occur for a few days and a mild inflammatory process that is improving in 1 to 2 weeks, a period of time to be expected for the second session. Occasionally a slight bruise (purple) may appear and reabsorb within a few days.


Care after treatment with Aqualix®

  • It is advisable to apply a piece of pressure therapy or compression stockings during the first few days. 
  • Do not massage the area after infiltration, do not exercise in the first 24 hours and wait about two months for the last infiltration to associate with other treatments such as vibratory platforms, radiofrequency, etc. 
  • The reincorporation to the normal life is immediate since it does not need rest and the annoyances are minimum. If for any unforeseen event you should stop following the treatment does not cause any problem. 
  • The results are progressive and begin to be visible from the 2 or 3 weeks of the first session time necessary to wait for progressive sessions. 
  • Depending on the area to be treated and the amount of localized adiposity, more or less sessions will be needed and will be evaluated at each visit.


Areas designated for treatment

It is a treatment especially indicated to eliminate the accumulations of localized fat that occur in abdomen, hips, thighs, knees and arms and even dewlap. It is important to know that in order to perform this technique we require that the thickness of the adipose paniculus is greater than 1.5 cn, so it is imperative to perform an ultrasound study of the area to be treated.


Advantages of the Intralipoteria

One of the many advantages of intralipoterapia as a method in aesthetic medicine for the elimination of fat, is that it does not require any type of surgery or surgery for its practice. In this way, the procedure is carried out in the consultation of a professional accredited for these techniques of infiltration, always taking care of the maximum asepsis conditions. In addition the treatment is totally painless and the incorporation to our habitual life and work is immediate. The treated adipocytes do not re-form, so that no maintenance treatment should be performed after the end of treatment.

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By Dr. Rafael Bel Roé
Aesthetic Medicine

Reference in aesthetic medicine, with over twenty years of experience. Dr. Bel is an expert in facial rejuvenation treatment with botulinum toxin and dermal fillers, as well as aesthetic phlebology. Accredited by the Department of Health of the Government of Aragon to the use and application of botulinum toxin Vistabel. It is also Specialist in Clinical Nutrition and diagnosis and surgical treatment of obesity.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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