Artificial insemination, a solution to fertility problems

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About 15% of Spanish couples of childbearing age have problems when conceiving a child naturally. Assisted Reproduction includes a set of techniques that help reproduction in case of possible sterility problems, and the treatments vary according to the needs of each couple, their age and clinical history.

Artificial insemination is one of these treatments: it is a simple method that is performed in consultation, and for which it is not necessary to apply any type of anesthesia. It is usually aimed at young couples with few fertility problems. It is also indicated in cases of mild alterations of the semen, difficulties during intercourse, alterations of the cervical mucus, mild endometriosis, immunological factor with low antibody titer, alterations in ovulation or sterility of unknown origin. This method is also recommended in single women or whose partner is also a woman, since it is possible to resort to donor semen to carry out the insemination.

Artificial insemination consists of depositing in the uterine cavity of the woman, at the time closest to ovulation, a sperm sample previously trained in the laboratory, selecting those sperm with better fertilizing capacity.

The complete treatment usually lasts between 8 and 10 days and consists of three phases. Ovarian stimulation, during which the ovaries are stimulated with the aim of obtaining one or two follicles that give rise to a satisfactory ovulation; sperm capacitation, a process through which sperm are selected with greater mobility and their fertilizing capacity is stimulated; and insemination, during which a thin cannula is inserted through the cervix with which the sperm are deposited at the bottom of the uterus so that they approach the place of fertilization. Within a few minutes the sperm reach the tubes where they will come into contact with the egg. Only a couple of weeks later, the woman will know if she is pregnant.

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