Importance of early diagnosis in colon cancer

Written by: Dr. Ramiro Durán Bermejo
Published: | Updated: 28/10/2018
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We understand by colon cancer or colorectal cancer the malignant degeneration of some of the layers of the wall of the intestine. Usually occurs on a degenerate polyp, which has been growing and evolved to become malignant. Hence, it is important to detect these polyps in early , early stages and with small sizes, in order to be able to remove them endoscopically through colonoscopy.


How to diagnose colon cancer

Colonoscopy is a key test in the diagnosis and prevention of colon polyps and colorectal cancer, providing a detailed exploration of the entire course of the colon. This allows identifying the lesions that may exist, allowing the biopsies to be taken and performing the necessary complementary therapeutic procedures, thus diagnosing any inflammatory or tumor type diseases of the colon.

It is a technique that is performed under sedation, so the patient does not feel pain during the procedure.

Patients at risk for colon cancer

Although the ultimate cause is not clearly established, there are a number of dietary factors (diets high in animal fats and low in fiber), toxic (tobacco, alcohol ...) or lack of physical exercise that seem to be directly related to an increase in the possibility of have colon and rectal cancer.

Risk factors include age over 50, personal or family history of colon cancer, intestinal inflammation, and other specific hereditary factors and syndromes.


Symptoms of risk: when to go to the specialist

If the patient has discomfort in the abdomen, altered bowel rhythm or anal bleeding, it is important to contact a specialist in Digestive System , to analyze more in depth in each case.

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By Dr. Ramiro Durán Bermejo

Gastrointestinal specialist, Dr. Duran Bermejo is the Deputy Medical Center stuffed ServiDigest of Barcelona. He has been Head of Gastroenterology, Military Hospital of Barcelona. Besides being a member of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Teaching and Training Foundation ServiDigest-ServiDigest Medical Center serves as a teacher in the center. He has attended numerous courses and national and international conferences and is a member of various medical societies.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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