Importance of retainers after orthodontic

Written by: Dr. Fernando De La Iglesia
Published: | Updated: 21/11/2018
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Retention is the last phase of orthodontic treatment. The goal is to keep the teeth in their corrected position and prevent return to its initial state.

Several factors are involved in the process of recurrence, from the periodontal and occlusal situation, the strength of the lips and cheeks, or the continued growth. That is why it is vital the use of retainers at the end of orthodontic treatment.


Existing types of retainers

Retention can be performed with removable or fixed retainers.


  • The vacuum retainers are very aesthetic plates of PVC covering completely the tooth surface. 
  • The Hawley retainer is a resin base which is adapted to the palate and is attached to a metal arc surrounding the six anterior teeth and held in position. Also has a hook on each molar allowing the apparatus remains fixed. The great advantage of this retainer is that it allows some ability to move, if there is any small relapse.


Fixed retainers consist of a small gold wire or stainless steel that attaches to the inside of the teeth. Depends on the case will be placed only in incisors or canines will run through the first premolars or.

Control after orthodontic treatment

Removable retainers must be worn full time for the first two months and after that period, reduce nighttime use only. It is recommended to be used indefinitely, even after three or four years, you can start to reduce their use if advised by the specialist in dentistry and stomatology .

As it relates to the fixed retention, it will be full time from the time of placement. Your orthodontist will explain how to sanitize the area, either by using floss or interdental brushes to prevent the accumulation of calculus.

Once your orthodontist will place the fixed and removable retention, you will summon three months for control devices and check that are tight. Subsequently, it is recommended that the patient see your doctor once a year.

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By Dr. Fernando De La Iglesia

Dr. Church is a doctor specializing in orthodontics and dedicated exclusively to it. A master's degree in Orthodontics and is also a professor at the International University of Catalonia. He won first prize for the best cases treated with lingual orthodontics as an active member of the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics (SLO) in July 2012. It doctorate in dentistry in 2005 by the International University of Catalonia rated "excellent cum laude" . He is an expert in lingual orthodontic studies in Japan with one of the leading specialists in lingual orthodontics.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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