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Written by: Dr. Ángel Silmi Macias
Edited by: Top Doctors®

Chronic patients with severe bone loss and inability to be treated with conventional implants, usually have a social disability, employment and self-esteem, having to wear a full denture long evolution that can cause them emotional instability and loss of self-confidence. The zygomatic implants have opened to these patients, the possibility of transforming your oral and emotional disability, with a change in their quality of life.

Formerly, with the above techniques, bone grafting in patients had a time close to year waiting and inconvenience of not being able to wear a temporary prosthesis in many periods.


Zygomatic implants

With this new technique, after surgery we can put a temporary prosthesis screw, a few hours after placement of the implants, or the next day after surgery. Is an alternative in the treatment of patients with severe bone atrophy, thus avoiding resorting to bone grafts from other areas of the body.

Anyone can be a candidate for placing zygomatic implants, provided that this bone loss that can not be treated with conventional techniques. It is not limited to an age, but must be the last option of treatment in patients at an extreme lack of bone in the upper jaw.

Planning for each case is very meticulous, with a series of tests and digital prosthetic Radiodiagnostico which together with advanced software for three-dimensional surgery will help us, minimizing risks and offering patients an implant edge.


Two treatment options

There are two treatment options depending on the bone volume presented by the patient. The Zygoma Quad, with two implants are placed in right and left hand splinted together with the provisional prosthesis, or by Zygoma Hibrodo, two zygomatic implants, one on each cheek bone, accompanied by conventional implants that support and stand united all together.

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By Dr. Ángel Silmi Macias

Dr. Silmi Macías, backed by 18 years of experience, has one of the brightest curriculums in dentistry both nationally and internationally. He has worked for more than 12 years in the department of oral surgery at the Clinical Hospital of Madrid, and has its own clinic in the financial heart of the capital. He is a specialist in the field of implants, prostheses and oral surgery, and combines his professional work with teaching, besides giving master classes at festivals, conferences and universities, among others. From his experience and knowledge, it is requested in prestigious dental clinics for complex treatments. He is an expert consultant Nobel Blocare and member of the SEPES.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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