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Written by: Dr. Julián Cuesta García
Published: | Updated: 17/12/2018
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The immediate implants are those that are placed in the same surgical act in which the part that needs to be replaced is removed, while the immediate loading implants are those in which the dental piece is placed on the same day of the placement surgery. implant. In both cases, these are procedures in which time is saved in the treatment and greater comfort for the patient.

They can be carried out on patients who maintain good dental hygiene and who do not smoke, therefore they are procedures in which the patient's cooperation must be enlisted. But there are cases - depending on the occlusion, bone density and other factors in which immediate loading is not recommended. All this must be valued by the professional according to each patient and for each specific case.

The intervention process is similar to the traditional technique, except that, instead of waiting for the two months necessary osseointegration to place the pieces, using this technique we place the dental piece on the implant the same day of surgery. That's why they are usually called "implants in a day". Although the most important thing about implant treatments is to guarantee that they will last us a lifetime (we have implants placed more than twenty years ago that are still there as the first day). That is why the doctor insists on the importance of using this technique only in the indicated cases and not as a marketing argument.

The maintenance and care, in fixed ceramic prostheses, are similar to those of a natural dentition: annual revisions and correct hygiene. Removable prostheses are somewhat more uncomfortable because the patient must remove them to clean them.

In cases in which bone is missing, it is necessary to resort to techniques of bone regeneration through grafts, maxillary sinus elevations or zygomatic implants, but there is always a solution for complicated cases.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Julián Cuesta García

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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