Immediately loaded implants, a not painful intervention

Written by: Dr. Lorenzo Remohi Agramunt
Published: | Updated: 17/12/2018
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The doctor. Lorenzo Remohi Agramunt is a dentist and belongs to Top Doctors, the select circle of top-level doctors in Spain. As an expert in immediate loading implants, he will explain the details of this method.


What are immediate loading implants?

To place the implants we have always had to wait, under optimal conditions, at least 3 months to place the prosthesis so that the bone is really strong and attached to the implant. Currently with the immediate load implants what we try is to place the prosthesis at the same time that we place the implant or within 72 hours after the placement of the same.



What is the intervention?

It is a fairly simple method and we have to make the patient aware that the placement of the implants is very little or not painful since we are going to act on the bone and not on the tooth and the bone is not very enervated, with which the sensations of pain, the sensitivity that the bone will have, is much lower. The placement itself consists of placing an implant through the bone and waiting or placing, depending on the technique we use, the prosthesis.


What influences the stability of the implant?

It will be very important surgical technique that we use and here is included the skill of the surgeon and of course the quantity and quality of the bone.


What determines the stability of the implant?

The stability of the implant will depend on the combination of mechanical stability and biological stability. The mechanical stability we could define as the result of the compressed bone that holds the implant, is what we call primary stability which is high immediately after the placement of the implant. By against biological stability is the result of new bone cells that are formed at the site of the implant and osseointegration, is what we call secondary stability and will not be immediately after the placement of the implant and will increase over time. From the combination of both we will obtain the information to be able to determine if we perform our implants with immediate loading or not.


*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Lorenzo Remohi Agramunt

Dr. Remohi Agramunt has its own center that has more than 25 years of experience in a comprehensive clinic with an expert team in orthodontics , implantology , endodontics and dental aesthetics .

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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