Zygomatic implants, no solution to the jawbone

Written by: Dr. Joaquín Riñón
Published: | Updated: 18/10/2018
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Zygomatic implants are a type of dental implants longer than usual to fit into the zygomatic bone, hard and tough, perfect bone to anchor such implantes.Se used when there is no upper jaw bone.

zygomatic implants The main feature of this technique, used in dentistry , is that these implants offer the possibility of restoring the mouth of the patient by placing fixed teeth, is used in patients with no upper jaw bone, that is, in patients who have lost the tooth and the surrounding bone and think they will have to wear removable dentures always put.

Advantages zygomatic implants

  • The treatment time is less than in other implants, preventing the patient has to wait 10 months to take fixed teeth.
  • Zygomatic implants have a longer length than ordinary implants, it is necessary to ensure bone anchorage.
  • Injertivas avoid most traumatic techniques.

Differences with a conventional implant

Zygomatic implants differ from conventional implants at length because they are longer because more necessary anchor. They also have the possibility of rehabilitating the patient's mouth by placing fixed teeth chewing recovering functionality and stability.

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Dr. Joaquín Riñón

By Dr. Joaquín Riñón

Dr. Joaquin Kidney is an outstanding professional in dentistry and stomatology numerous educational activities and academics behind. Currently holds his career in the Clinica Art&Dent of Advanced Dentistry in Valencia.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection