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Written by: Dr. Joan Pere Barret
Published: | Updated: 14/11/2018
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Overcoming cancer is a win the battle against death. Many women, like you, you've been through a breast cancer. After months of struggle, give up your daily life, hospital inputs and outputs, to stand up to the disease, the time comes when the oncologist gives you the good news. Time stops again, this time to look ahead. Start a new process to get your life on. Some of you, habreis started this way from the beginning of treatment if ye have opted for immediate breast reconstruction.

The first time, hit

When you oncologist diagnosed with the disease, the feeling of frustration and panic is devastating. It is even possible that you have made ​​an immediate denial of the disease.

It is necessary that you externalices distress generates whole process. If you save the frustration and anger to yourself, do not give heal. Always bear in mind that the three pillars of support in your fight against cancer are:. Your familiar surroundings and friends, your medical team and, above all, yourself

The decision is yours

You have decided to stand up to breast cancer with the help of your surroundings and your medical team. Start now physically and emotionally exhausting process.

The most important thing at this early stage, is to have all the information about what to expect in the coming months and the various medical and surgical options for your particular case. You must bear in mind that, based on when all the information and recommendations of the specialists involved in your recovery ( oncologist, gynecologist, general surgeon, plastic surgeon, radiation therapist, psychologist, nursing&hellip ;), the final decision to choose one or the other treatment / or surgery is always in your hands.

Breast reconstruction

The recovery from a mastectomy breast is an integral part of the multidisciplinary treatment of breast cancer and you should offer, always, as any woman who is facing this disease. The statistics show an alarming. Only a third of women that you have suffered a surgery become a full mastectomy breast reconstruction. & iexcl;Help us change this

Unfortunately, many women with an amputated breast vivis not own desire, but by ignoring the different reconstruction techniques and excellent results, both aesthetic and psychological of this surgery. Our ultimate goal is to restore your body to its previous appearance so you can resume as soon as possible, your life in all its facets.

As with other treatment options, the decision to proceed forward with the reconstruction has to be yours.

Your options in breast reconstruction surgery

The technique of breast reconstruction must be individualized, as has been the oncologic treatment. Undoubtedly, and basing on my daily experience, the techniques that give better anatomical, functional and aesthetic level, are reconstructions of the patient's own tissue ( autologous tissue ). The technique I use in 95 % of patients are abdominal microsurgical flaps (DIEP and SIEA ).

The results are excellent because the tissue of the abdomen is identical to the breast and chest touch and drop equal to the healthy breast is achieved;by scar across the abdomen is similar to cesarean scar, being totally hidden with underwear.

In cases in which this technique is not possible due to lack of sufficient tissue in the abdomen, I realize others with microsurgical flaps buttocks ( SGAP, IGAP ) or microsurgical flaps thigh (TMG / PAP ).

In cases where there has been a lumpectomy and radiotherapy, apply fat transplantation therapy ( lipotransference or lipofilling ) with very good results. This same procedure can also be used as an adjunct to microsurgical techniques of the abdomen, buttock and thigh, as well as moms with small volume.

Some of the advantages of autologous breast reconstruction

Specializing in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, my goal in every person who puts his trust in my hands is its global recovery: functional -healing and psychic. Therefore my surgeries are also focused on improving the aesthetic and emotional part, in order to get you to feel good about yourself.

I 'm a big proponent of the techniques with autologous tissue from the start of my professional career, since the advantages of these techniques are real and irrefutable. We can point out the following:

No will carry any artificial material ( prosthesis ), so you will avoid possible replacements for subsequent operations.

-The Appearance of the new breast is completely natural. Evolve with your own body, both in age (natural fall of the chest) and volume ( fat and slim you).

-The New breast tissue is your body, so you tolerate radiotherapy well, if required.

-The Surgery may be associated with lymphedema treatment, if necessary.

-All Autologous techniques can be applied in delayed reconstruction ( time after mastectomy ) and also in immediate reconstruction (during the same intervention mastectomy ).

The new surgery lymphedema

Breast cancer can also spread to the axillary lymph. If this has happened it is necessary to make an oncologic treatment of this area through a lymphadenectomy. But one of the possible side effects of this treatment is the occurrence of lymphedema, an increase in arm volume.

One of the latest innovations in the treatment of breast cancer has been the introduction of surgery in the correction of lymphedema by microsurgical lymphatic vessels of the arm and transplantation lymph nodes in the groin to the axilla. These techniques must be assessed in each patient and can be applied in both immediate and delayed reconstruction.

Restorative surgery of breast cancer continues to evolve constantly introducing endoscopic and robotic techniques and digital preoperative evaluation of the treatment areas. Regenerative surgery is the way to go.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

By Dr. Joan Pere Barret
Plastic surgery

Dr. Joan-Pere Barret, is a prestigious specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. In particular, he is the first doctor in the world to have successfully completed a full-face transplant. Formed in the United States, he is an eminence and an international reference in face and limb transplantation, as well as one of the best doctors in reparative microsurgery: breast reconstruction, face reconstruction and paralysis surgery. He is also a great expert in facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. Throughout his career he has combined his care work with teaching, being director and professor of the subject of Plastic Surgery at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​as well as director of various doctoral theses. At the same time, it also develops an important informative task, being editor and collaborator of journals of high scientific impact. He has also published numerous books and scientific articles. He is currently a specialist in Plastic Surgery at the Center Mèdic Francesc Macià and, throughout his career, he has worked in prestigious centers in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

*Translated with Google translator. We apologize for any imperfection

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